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Details for TiVo
Apply for TiVo
Offer Details:

TiVo automatically finds and digitally records all of your favorite shows, every time they're on. Every episode of your favorite series. Only TiVo lets you watch your favorite shows any time, anywhere.

Offer Terms:

Sign-up for the TiVo service.

Reporting: 31 days or more

Offer reward: $16.00

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Offer NameRewardReportingAdded DatePopularity
DishPronto$8831 days or more21-Sep-06-
dotster$8031 days or more21-Sep-06-
ServerPronto$8031 days or more24-May-09-
DirecTV$8031 days or more19-Feb-07-
HostGator$8031 days or more21-Sep-06-
eToro$8031 days or more6-Apr-10-
Blue Host$7231 days or more21-Sep-06-
Lunarpages.com$643 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
Phone Power Digital Phone Service$6031 days or more5-Dec-08-
AT&T Phone / Internet / Wireless$5616 to 30 days6-Apr-10-
Lingo$4016 to 30 days10-Nov-07-
GoToMyPC$283 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
AT&T U-verse$2811 to 15 days6-Apr-10-
SimplyHosting.com$203 to 5 days19-Nov-10-
TiVo$1631 days or more31-Jan-07-
Yahoo! Personals FREE$1611 to 15 days9-Nov-06-
GameFly$163 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
The Street$12.806 to 10 days27-May-09-
booksonline.com$10.403 to 5 days21-Nov-10-
Foreclosure.com FREE$811 to 15 days24-May-09-
Chemistry.com$8/$1011 to 15 days27-May-09-
Freelance Work Exchange FREE$831 days or more11-Feb-07-
Go Freelance FREE$816 to 30 days6-Apr-10-
Napster - Deutschland$811 to 15 days11-Feb-07-
Napster - Canada FREE$831 days or more21-Sep-06-
Paltalk Video Chat FREE$86 to 10 days21-Sep-06-
UseNeXT$6.403 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
American Greetings FREE$6.4011 to 15 days19-Nov-10-
easyflirt.com FREE$5.60/$1016 to 30 days20-Oct-06-
Napster - USA FREE$5.6031 days or more21-Sep-06-
DriveTime.com FREE$3.2016 to 30 days27-May-09-
Entertainment Book$3.201 day or less21-Sep-06-
STOPzilla$2.80/$103 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
Computer Associates$2.80/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
Mint (by Quicken) FREE$2.4011 to 15 days24-May-09-
Mate1 FREE$2.4016 to 30 days5-Jun-09-
123Inkjets.com$2.24/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
Vault FREE$231 days or more16-Feb-07-
Yahoo! Domains$26 to 10 days9-Nov-06-
Skype$2/$106 to 10 days10-Nov-07-
Vehix FREE$211 to 15 days27-May-09-
Avanquest$2/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
NetZero Voice Unlimited FREE$23 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
Anonymizer$2/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
ECN Research FREE$1.6011 to 15 days21-Sep-0648.3%
Panda Software$1.60/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
GoDaddy.com$1.60/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
eCampus.com FREE$1.603 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
Trend Micro$1.60/$103 to 5 days18-Oct-06-
Survey Networks FREE$1.601 day or less21-Sep-0617.2%
WhiteCanyon$1.60/$103 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
trendmicro.com$1.60/$103 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
PermissionResearch FREE$1.203 to 5 days21-Sep-063.4%
Kaspersky Lab$1.20/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
InterVideo$1.20/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
Norton from Symantec$1.20/$101 to 2 days19-Nov-10-
AccessoryGeeks.com$1.04/$106 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
Batteries.com$0.96/$106 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
Yahoo! Toolbar FREE$0.8016 to 30 days4-May-08-
Quality Health FREE$0.8016 to 30 days24-May-09-
Perfectmatch.com FREE$0.8031 days or more15-Dec-063.4%
Mingles.com - Online Matchmaking FREE$0.806 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
Starbucks Store$0.80/$106 to 10 days21-Sep-06-
Roxio$0.80/$103 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
Nero 7 Ultra Edition$0.80/$103 to 5 days18-Oct-06-
Lightspeed FREE$0.803 to 5 days3-Oct-0610.3%
Zenfolio FREE$0.8016 to 30 days6-Apr-10-
Survey4Profit FREE$0.8031 days or more13-Jan-073.4%
FastWeb Free Scholarship Search FREE$0.6431 days or more11-Feb-073.4%
Direct2Drive.com$0.64/$101 day or less19-Nov-10-
DDR Game$0.64/$106 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
Skechers$0.64/$1016 to 30 days5-Dec-08-
HobbyTron.com$0.64/$1011 to 15 days21-Sep-06-
Poker N Stuff$0.56/$106 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
CartoonNetworkShop.com$0.56/$1011 to 15 days13-Mar-07-
AreYouGame.com$0.56/$106 to 10 days24-May-09-
ThinkGeek$0.56/$103 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
RazorGator$0.56/$103 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
Music123$0.48/$106 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
Phat Campus$0.48/$106 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
TheTechGeek$0.48/$103 to 5 days21-Sep-06-
GoGamer.com$0.40/$103 to 5 days24-May-09-
Xtremez- Paintball Airsoft Skate$0.40/$103 to 5 days22-Sep-06-
HotResumes.com FREE$0.403 to 5 days22-Sep-063.4%
HotJobs.com FREE$0.4031 days or more21-Sep-063.4%
Borders$0.40/$1011 to 15 days5-Dec-08-
Yahoo! Messenger FREE$0.4016 to 30 days4-May-08-
ExploreTalent FREE$0.4016 to 30 days24-May-09-
Job.com FREE$0.401 day or less22-Sep-063.4%
Surplus Computers$0.32/$106 to 10 days6-Apr-10-
TheNerds.net$0.24/$1011 to 15 days13-Jan-07-
ThinkPad | ThinkCentre$0.24/$106 to 10 days22-Sep-06-
Buy.com$0.24/$103 to 5 days22-Sep-06-
Geeks.com$0.24/$103 to 5 days22-Sep-06-
Shop Sony$0.16/$1016 to 30 days22-Feb-07-
Newegg.com$0.08/$1031 days or more4-Oct-06-

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* Names in blue indicate offers that you have been credited for

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