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Utopians Pictures: Zaknafein


Round 6

Newbie round; started in a newbie ghetto and EVERYONE defected... So I defected and found myself in a kingdom called Stavro Muellar with some great players, including one that everyone has definately heard of. it was a pretty good kingdom and we made I think #1 on the island that round.

Round 7

Still in Stavro Muellar. We finished second or first on the island I think. This age I became heavily involved in politics, taking high positions in the BoD (Blades of Death) alliance before it split, then kept my position in KoH, which was one branch after BoD split... HK is the only one that still remains... But after a while I found out that most of the people in these alliances (and alliances in general) were multis and cheaters of all types and I quit politics and now I have a general aversion of alliances.

Round 8

The monarch of Stavro Muellar left at the end of round 7 for some reason, and I was voted at the begining of the round to take the monarchy from someone else in the middle of the round since a lot of people were going on summer vacation. When it came time to take over, there were so many people on summer vacation that we couldn't get the vote changed, and the person that came into the province that I was supposed to take the monarchy from was very inactive and was just a stupid inactive monarch and the entire kingdom fell apart. Luckily, my friend was able to bring me and a couple of others into the incredible kingdom that he landed in: a kingdom that at times was led by Kanga, Malkieri, etc...

Round 9

The kingdom got a good start under Capnplank, but we got banged heavily by HaLL. That started my hatred toward HaLL... We ended up starting the big gangbanging of HaLL near the end of that age and ourselves taking down two of the leading HaLL kingdoms. Even with all of this war and dragons and setbacks I ended the round at 13th on the island...

Round 10

We got an incredible jump start and hit 7th place in land and networth in the Battlefield server, but when HaLL again showed its ugly face we got ourselves in the middle of this crazy warring again... the rest is the future...

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(13-Nov-2000 11:03 am)
sorry for all the anonymity :) like "greatest players" and "famous player" etc...

suffice it to say that they are all in the hall of fame on this site :)
Unregistered User
(15-Nov-2000 03:53 pm)
<--- not posted there yet, I&#039ll give Greeny a pic once im there though =)

and be happy you don&#039t look like some of these other guys posted =P I won&#039t mention any names though for fear of being banned =P
Unregistered User
(15-Nov-2000 03:56 pm)
i know who you&#039re thinkin lol :)
Zaknafein Groupy(EV)
Unregistered User
(15-Nov-2000 04:46 pm)
What can i say?
Those dark piercing intelligent eyes...like too spotlights into my soul, that pray too god his mom doesn&#039t find his naughty links to nasty sites.
That strong jutting jaw, that just dares someone to touch his Pokemon cards!
That lean/mean keyboard hammering physique, cable of moving a mouse at the speed of light!
Oh my god, id post more...but he&#039s just too much for me...i think i&#039m gonna SWOOooooon....
Unregistered User
(20-Nov-2000 12:08 pm)
Hey! You guys see that brick *dang* wall beind him? That&#039s uh like you know that place where they put all these like purple aliens and the cows that play too much dominoes and whenever you pass by you can hear these scary creepy low humming and high pitching kinda sounds coming outta the brick *dang* wall right outta there wonder if that&#039s the same kind eh?
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