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Utopians Pictures: Rogue Knight

Rogue Knight
Rogue Knight

My real name is Bob and I live in Illinois, USA. I am 19 and have been attending college as a freshman this year.

Round 3

I began playing Utopia at the end of age 3 as Chillax. I landed in a no-name kingdom which was not very organized and bounced to a new one at the round restart.

Round 4

I landed in Humungus' (aka Gigantor) kingdom (member of Wrath of Absalom). I began making alliance connections through my friend Saphery who was in the same kingdom as Excalibur of the GSA. I joined GSA and started making myself known in the alliance world. My kingdom was an organized monarch killing machine that round (before more rules were put in place to make killing harder).

Rounds 5-6

At round 5 I was passed the leadership of the kingdom as Gigantor left to devote all his time to Wrath of Absalom. I filled some empty slots in the kingdom with personal friends to have some fun in the game and we did. I believe it was this round that I joined Dark Hordes (DH), an elite branch of the GSA under control of Phantom Brigade. It was a small group of players and I filled its ranks with my contacts. The GSA leadership decided that they did not want to have this branch operate anymore and we all saw that the GSA was going under from too many members so we began operating in secret from them. When Ex and Will left to retire to Shadowlight, I suggested some changes for the squad. I took over leadership, we renamed the group the Rogue Knights and began recruiting. We grew moderately large in size and had influences in all the major alliances.

Rounds 7-8

Round 7 brought about the birth of the Syndicate which began taking in several smaller alliances to give them more power. Several thief guilds were recruited along with spies being placed in a few of the larger alliances. I never stopped having fun by pissing people off, and I'm sure that is what most will remember me as. When the tiff with AA started, I lost a few RK/AA kingdoms who chose not to fight for either side. My spies helped greatly in this war giving me locations of the leadership of the entire AA including Mr. Popular himself, Methos. We had a good pounding back and forth and then some other alliances got involved.

Round 9

I was offered a leadership role in the Faith Brotherhood and accepted it for a short while during the start of Round 9. Later that round some in my kingdom decided that they would like to let someone else have a go at leading the kingdom. I accepted and decided to leave them with a bit of a bang. I started some intra-kingdom fun before deleting and about 12 others left with me. I told people I had quit the game and deleted my contact list before heading to Louzer and joining up with him in the Legion of Blades. I passed off my alliances to various players that I trusted and began playing in the most organized and honorable kingdom in the game. We took top honor that round with 300K.

Round 10

This round we are working at taking top networth but are quite happy just being in the top 3. I am also doing some teacher work for newbie ghettos to try to bring an end to them on the World server. Hopefully if you give them the tools necessary to play the game well it will raise the quality of play and bring some new challenges into the game. If you read all of this rambling then I applaud your determination (or boredom) whichever it was that compelled you to make it this far.

I would like to thank all the top 50 players that always had my back and those from all my alliances as well. Thanks to Smudge for revising this with me and Saphery for getting me addicted to the game. In closing, alliances can be fun and a great way to make contacts but relying on one's own kingdom and enjoying the game should always be key. Teach those newbies how to play rather than just killing them straight out of protection. They may prove to be a great addition to your kingdom. And finally, I can never say this too much... Don't stop enjoying Utopia for the GAME that it is. Have fun, grow large, piss people off (no, no wait that was the old me don't do that) play honorably ;-)

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Rogue Knight
Unregistered User
(30-Dec-2000 07:40 am)
As far as I know we are not related Jingo, but I was born in Missouri in 1981 like him so that is a strange coincidence.
Unregistered User
(30-Dec-2000 07:45 am)
Wow... are you and Lionheart related? I could almost swear I&#039m seeing the same person there...
Unregistered User
(01-Jan-2001 05:46 pm)
Dang, you haven&#039t changed in five years, man.
Rogue Knight
Unregistered User
(04-Jan-2001 03:43 pm)
Good to hear from you Smudge. Hope college life hasn&#039t been too rough on you.
Crazy Dude
Unregistered User
(06-Jan-2001 02:17 pm)
Hey look, it&#039s Nem....
what the hell is he doin here?
is this like the Cheater&#039s page?

No... the other ppl seem valid..

Must be a glitch in the system...
If only Skater was here to see it...
Hey Korn, MasterK!! you wanna see a funny picture?
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