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Hall of Fame: Muaddib


Born at 1982, lives in Australia. Playing Utopia since the 2nd Age, Riley Ellett (aka Muaddib) is most identified with the RATForce alliance. Let's hear his story:

Well to tell the whole very long story, I have to start at a time before I knew of Utopia, a time when a game called Command & Conquer was in its prime.

I once got a game off a friend called C&C Sole Survivor, I like the game very much and decided to join a clan in it, I searched through a list and one alliance stood out, "RabidVermin" from RATForce, I applied and amazingly I got accepted, I joined a few team games, but due to me living in Australia the games were often scheduled at very bad times to join, so I almost got kicked out a few times. I met a person there called EchoRAT, he informed me of a game he was playing called "Utopia". He told me Utopia was difficult to learn but Earth 2025 was easy, so I thought ok, I will give earth a shot, joined it and played for a couple of rounds, had about hmmm 7 accounts, didn't use them to feed, just had them, but I found it fairly boring, then the Clan option was implemented, so I asked permission from RATLord, the highest leader in RATForce, and he gave me the "ok" to go ahead and start a clan (ClanRAT), which was also a name of a group playing in Terra Nova from RATForce. So it was quite good as I could use their logo and many other things. I created a dodgy website and joined all my multies in the alliance and just started messaging like crazy and it became a fairly large Clan, very inactive and no communication, well some but very little.

Then I still had an amazing amount of time on my hands seeing that RabidVernmin was slowly coming to and end, merging with Ghetto Squad and barley making team battle #s, So I decided to have a look at Utopia, see what all the fuss was about.

Round 2

My first account I created was called Muaddibs Fremen (43:9). I am pretty sure 43:9, I can't remember it was mid way through Round 2, I found my way into a small kingdom where their previous monarch had disappeared, I never asked how but I took his spot and had 7 votes, instantly it struck me I could become the leader of this kingdom, so I started looking at the forum and messaging the whole kingdom, 2 major voices were opposed to my campaign, 2 provences 1 by the name of Ghost and the other Rustollia, they were both fighting for Regency, now me being a clueless newbies with about 7 others we were still learning the game, I decided to take the side of Ghost and support him for Regency. He got it. Rustollia decided to bribe newbies by giving them aid, he got close to winning as well, then one day while I was at school, I showed my friends how to change votes, at the same time Ghost the monarch logged in and found that I had taken my vote away, which took his Regency away, so he put his vote onto Rustolla and he was now the monarch, so I decided to campaign for myself again, getting some support, at that time Rustollia had bribed a provence by the name of Daventry to be his main voice, in the end I got Daventrys support became monarch and led it with no idea on how to play for the rest of that age.

Round 3

Well this age was a funny one, the last age before the reshuffle, Rustollia had left our kingdom looking for somewhere else to be Regent, which left me with full support of the kingdom, this is around when I got ICQ so communication was a lot easier. My main active provinces this age was Ghost (Ghost Reporting), HtownSA, Volvo, Clouds, Daventry (if I have missed someone please yell at me). This round from the start, I was approached by a man who lead a powerful kingdom on island, and it had the tag "BA". I was messaged about joining BA and I took a lot of interest in this. So with my new ICQ program I got this Regent on my list Jappe I think. I dunno he is still on my ICQ list now but I forgot if that's him or not. He was leading a kingdom called La Flaminga (spelling is wrong), which was an alliance (LAF) in earth he was in, currently #1 in the world at that time, in earth standard intensive game A. So I joined BA, and got introduced to Toffe (Saurons Pets), who at that time I just thought was another player, and I found myself in war chats with them, madly adding everyone there to my ICQ list, thinking they are all just regular players as well, then that trend just continued till my list was about 300 long, and gone were the days of going online and seeing 0 people online. The round pressed on, Ghost Reporting had his account hacked, therefore he was killed off and went to a new kingdom. He wanted monarchy there and I messaged an entire kingdom, saying to throw there support behind Ghost, because he was a good leader, the next day I woke to a shock where one of the largest BA kingdoms in the world had gangbanged me to 200 acres, then I get a message saying I broke some law that nobody informed me of. Thanks BA :+(. Then one of my loyal provinces HTownSA made a retaliation grab on one of the BA Gangbangers, then he was forced to defect due to the mass gangbang he received in advance, this game me 2 opinions of BA: 1) So organised, and big, and good and hurting people; 2) Completely shit alliance that hit first asked questions later. So I struggled trying to make it back, but did pretty bad and ended the round small. At this point Mehul decided a reshuffle was needed. Nearing the end of the round I often found myself in war chats with Saurons Pets against another 2 opponents, ABA and 666. This is where I got my first glimpse at "the formatter" (wow what an amazing piece of technology this was), this was a time when Calculators and formatters where not existent everywhere you looked, the old days when we used Windows Calculator to work out the attack. This was amazing it was found on Larroke's website, another player who I thought was just a player. It wasn't until right near the end of this round and a few rounds later when someone explained it to me better that I found out who Saurons Pets and the others really were, not just normal players but the best.

Round 4

Well a new round, new kingdom, new people, same ICQ list. I didn't think BA was right for me anymore and with there demise I decided that I wanted to make an alliance for myself, seeing in round 3 I held 6 Regency's I am only speaking from my main account in this History, the other accounts hold little story until later on. I decided since ClanRAT was doing very well in Earth 2025, to try and move over into Utopia as well, so I asked permission and I received I and bam, RAT Alliance was formed, a really bad web page was created, but it looked half respectable with Gilthana's effort in making the join up section, he was currently leader of the Dragon High Lords, a small but powerful group of Utopians. I instantly joined my 6 kingdoms into RAT, then finding all the kingdom members from the reshuffle who were in other kingdoms to join up and within the first month we had a fairly large alliance for its time, very unknown and very weak compared to the others. This round I gained Regency in 3 kingdoms, I booted off 3 accounts and kept 3, one I got monarchy in instantly, the other 2 I lost to others and became #2 (vice Regent). The first Regent, I did not like so I had some friends start to take him out, this was eventually blamed on another provence who was rivalling and he was taken out by the kingdom, so 2 people who were my threats were killed, then I came up and took Regency and had a nice group of loyal supporters. The other kingdom I lost Regency to, the Regent was very nice and became very busy, so I got given his account, and played it as him, which was fun. So I held 3 Regencys. RAT grew that round and so did my ICQ, ClanRAT in earth grew and all was good.

(NOTE: Things that I write from now could have happened in one of my other accounts, I have forgotten most of it all and am peicing it all together as I type so not all information is 100% perfect)

Round 5

This round I believe was the Round that ClanRAT in Earth 2025 collapsed, we hit #18 for members, but with me concentrating on Utopia I did not get any alliance ties in Earth and we had no allies, hence we got destroyed by about 5 Major Clans pounding us, so I merged what was left into SoF and deleted my Earth accounts. RAT Alliance grew in this round gaining a top 50 kingdom and a lot of big guys. I basically just made alliance ties and showed people how good RAT alliance was as a fair and honourable alliance, I tried to show people, yes all alliances have people who make mistakes but to not wage war but accept it and teach the person the right way to play, I never meant RAT to be some big war alliance, more a teaching of newbies, a mentor alliance, we needed the big playes only for the protection of the smaller RATs. This was a pretty average round.

Round 6

Well this was no ordinary round, completely the opposite, with my ICQ reaching 1000 contacts, and alliances being made left right and centre it was crazy, I believe JRRT 11:32 was a top kingdom who hit in a RAT kingdom, then the RAT kingdom retailed, taking more acres and then the RAT monarch was in old BA style, gangbanged so then RAT got involved and next day (99.99% Mehul was doing a deletion run), 8 people in JRRT were found dead. RAT was happy as JRRT was a lot smaller but Saurons Pets was quite pissed off. The issue was resolved between 11:32 and RAT while Saurons Pets was having Internet problems, but once he got back on he decided to start the fighting again which left us both screaming at each other on ICQ, it eventually dissolved to Saurons deleting me and saying I have to wait 4 rounds before I can talk to him again because I was a BA Regent who crossed him or some shit. This is also around the time many old players departed Utopia, most were beta players fed up with the game, and its changes, my kingdoms putted along having their wars and in fights and victories and defeats.

Round 7

Now this either happened in Round 6 or 7, the negative networth bug, boy was this FUN!!! You spot a guy with -956,854 networth (the number didn't matter as long as it was negative), you would to Rob the Vaults with 0 thieves, you would get about 27gc the first few times but when you failed a mission you would gain thieves, about 900k of them! So your networth skyrocketed, I hit a nice 3.2 million with the acres of a 200k Human lol, then I was deleted, sad but it happens. I traded back into the kingdom. My other kingdoms did nice, one was still small but another hit very high on island. RAT was not as big as I was concentrating on school more and other things like my Badminton.

Round 8

Well my final exams hit, I logged into Utopia about once a day, kept things alive, Keyser Soze who was a leader in HaJ decided he would help mind a provence in my kingdom, this was nice of him, as RAT and HAJ were very close. At that time Keyser's main account was racing a RAT account to #2 spot in world, so he decided to do something so stupid I can't believe a person could be capable of it. He decided to use the account he was minding to thief the head RAT because the account he was minding had 10:1 TPA. I got him to stop then all of a sudden that account dropped 200k networth, I was like what's going on and Keyser was like "nah, it's ok, all is under control". I sent him some aid that he asked for (10 million gold), and then in 3 days he still did not grow so I questioned him again and he replied "it's all good, don't you trust me?", so I thought after 10 million gold and no growth I better log in. Oh boy, did I get angry, the once 10:1 TPA now was 0 TPA, and the news was filled with Keyser Soze provence and several others in his kingdom thieving everything from it. Keyser would do anything to try and go up in rank, even stepping on a friend's back to get higher, so naturally RAT decided to take back what Keyser took from us. Wallace, the other HAJ leader, allowed that and we took Keyser to #15 in rank. The whole time he was informing me that I broke up our friendship. Then he started to cry a lot and called in what HaJ he could. He found the support of 1 kingdom, not very big at all, that posed no challenge. They made a few hits. We didn't bother to retaliate on them, just informed them of the truth. They then left HaJ, and Keyser vowed he would come back and destroy me, like it worried me, never heard from that guy again yet. At the end of this round I knew I must find another person to lead the alliance as my time was being taken by more important things. All of my kingdoms ended top 10 on island one ended #3.

Round 9

This round I got a girlfriend, well bye bye went all my time, I abstained from my monarchys, found a person to take over the leading of RAT and begun training him hard. I found someone who accepted loss as a part of the game, then also accepted the making yourself work harder to get those acres, while keeping fair play going. This round also our almost brother alliance AA decided to war us. They said we were going to war them because we were asking people, but actually I was just finding out about current wars, but nonetheless AA decided to war us, which came at a great time as it weeded out the weak RATs, those who run from the enemy, who are to afraid to fight and die for their chosen alliance, 2 very active members of RAT and also were possible leaders to take my job, both of these people dropped there TAG to AA, even after I clearly stated that any RAT who surrenders to AA will be killed after by myself, they still ran, what weak people, they're very sad in my opinion and poor players. The first person decided to hide being a small new alliance named LDL, and the second one decided to run into the arms of AA. They now are apart of the newbie bashing alliance that is known as AA. Yes, there are some people in AA that play with honour, but leaders who order there alliance to target newbies show bad play and deserved to be killed, this is what got me the most, Utopia is meant to be fun, I enjoyed the AA war, I was taking 1k honor a hit. Sadly, AA decided to gangbang newbies, these poor people are just new and AA decided to ruin their game, like hello AA are dickheads, newbies should be taught how to play in a nice environment not gangbanged to death. Alliances in my opinion should not be classed, as just alliances. There should be Honor alliances and Evil Alliances, those with Honor play and fight with honor, respect the newbie and understand when they make a mistakes, then there are those alliances that by looking at them just shows why Mehul does not like alliances, they ruin the game for many people and do not cause fun, just aggravation. This round came close to an end, I was hoping for a reshuffle for 1 reason, to destroy my multies and just have 1 province. But the game has continued with everyone in the same kingdom. So the round ended and I planned for round 10.

Round 10

Utopia hits double figures, I have finished school, I am dumped by my GF, I have a lot more time on my hands, I have 1 account in Battlefield and 1 in World of Utopia, I am not a monarch, or an alliance leader, I am just a player, I do not play for a top rank, but for kingdom growth and fun. Some people take this game too seriously. Yes, take the game serious, good learning to be had from it, but those who cry and chuck a wobbly when Mehul deleted them or they get gangbanged, well get over it. Another thing all to common to hear in Utopia is "I would have been this big if...". If happens to everyone, you just have to be better than if and strive to pass if and even though if happens you still grow regardless, take some time to read the guide, it took me a few rounds but there is actually some good stuff in there, ask your monarchs stupid questions and you will get the answer you need, greet the newbie who joins your kingdom, retaliate on a grab on a kingdom mate, take honor in war, use all your stealth and mana, go mental BUT play fair and use honor.

This sums up most of my history. Some must not be said, others I have forgotten, and between round 4 and 8 I sort of forgot a lot that happened. But here is a fairly decent boring history of mine.

Oh and one last thing, I had freely admitted I was a multi from round 3 to round 9. Yes, I had more than 1 account, but I never used them in anyway to further my growth, my usual ending nw ranges from 100k - 1,000k, I never farmed, I have never feed, I have never used all the accounts to gangbang someone, I have never used my accounts to find out kingdom information, I just played multiple accounts to meet new people, see how different kingdoms act, experience Utopia on so many more different levels.

I am not a well known Utopian, yes I am known, and I have done some things to add to my list of "Stuff that got attention list", but RAT I kept fairly secret. I never was out there in peoples faces, I just was an average player who ended in the top 100... thousand. I am not the best at math and don't spend days on a strategy, I am just an average guy who likes to chat and to do something other than email on the Internet, and being on a 56k modem, I am limited to games without sound and graphics to play online hhehhe.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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ET Stoner
Unregistered User
(26-Nov-2000 01:34 pm)
HAHA!!! What up Mauddib, ya drunk Aussie
ex-muaddib friend
Unregistered User
(26-Nov-2000 01:52 pm)
wtf is he doing in the utopian greats for ??
Unregistered User
(26-Nov-2000 04:35 pm)
Probably because i kicked your Butt at one time or another?
But seriously this is a nice area a photo gallary dont ruin it for others by posting bad comments.
ET Stoner
Unregistered User
(27-Nov-2000 09:54 am)
LOL, he&#039s in here because he&#039s a kickass fun person =)

Pretty accurate history there, Mauddib. I was HTOwnSA back in rounds 2 and 3. I think Mauddib and I started the game on the same day. That was one kickass little civil war we had, a bunch of newbies duking it out, but Mauddib was a quick learner.
ALthough, one thing is incorrect. I didn&#039t defect, I know one person had my log in info. I logged in to see an enormous gangbang, but I soon had to quit the game due to some real life issues, lol. Mauddib kept sending me RAT emails, and that is how I took up the game again in ROund 7.

Say what you will, but Mauddib&#039s fun to play with, perhaps someday we can get in the same kingdom
Kicking RAT
Unregistered User
(27-Nov-2000 01:08 pm)
ex-muaddib friend : if you are such a tough guy ...
why don&#039t you use your real name ?
afraid you get whooped again ?
as said ..
don&#039t spoil this part of the net ...
I&#039ve been with muaddib for most of the time described here and I can tell you it is true
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