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Hall of Fame: Mighty


Short Description
Lives in the Netherlands. Playing Utopia since Age 2, Mighty managed to finish #5 in Networth, and his kingdom finished #1 at some point. Mighty was among the original founders of the Corma triad, together with Toffe and Gont. Their kingdoms always finished at top places. He left Utopia at Age 7, because he "was getting addicted to it", and suffered from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) symptoms.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Posts: 3
(16-Jul-2001 04:14 am)
*throws herself at his feet and bows repetitively*

OHHHH GREAT ONE!!! OHHHH MIGHTY...erm...MIGHTY!! I will follow you to the ends of the Earth, in order to Rule the Land that is called Utopia. I 'GRAVEL' AT YOUR FEET!!!

*bows continuously* heehee *winks*
Posts: 30
(17-Aug-2001 08:28 pm)
secret agent man....lol
Posts: 1
(19-Oct-2001 06:02 pm)
Lady Akasha of the province Dark Angels Heaven sends you this message.
It seems as though you have yet to read these messages of admiration. I'm curious as to why. I am rather new to the world of utopia,sent here by a close friend. I hope you will join utopia in the coming age, maybe even enter my kingdom, 36, 2. I pray you recieve this message and enjoy it.
I must take my leave now. Good Bye*
Posts: 1
(21-Jan-2002 08:29 am)
that dude looks mad spiffy yo
Posts: 1
(24-Feb-2002 09:14 pm)
All I can say is ... Mighty Yummy... mmMMMMMmmmmm
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