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Utopians Pictures: Horus


Horus was 2nd in command in the UDNO alliance, and took over Henela when she left the leadership position.

Round 1

In the first age of Utopia, I was granted my province halfway through the Age. I washed up on the last island in the world. The world was very different then. From my point of view great evil held the land, newbie bashers and great multi's attacked simply because I was smaller. I was attacked 10 times in two hours comming out of protection, I won all but 3. So I started at a little over 100 acres. I was attacked constantly. I scratched and clawed my way up to a bare 531 acres, and 83,829gc networth, 2nd largest in land and 3rd largest in networth on the island. The last of my kingdom mates had been slaughtered over two weeks before the round ended, and my networth made me the 9th largest kingdom on the island. Dark times... I vowed to return.

Round 2

For the second age, I ended up placed in Callos' kingdom. I was overjoyed to see so many different people, great joy was mine, even though they laughed when I ran for regency and said I could show them how to survive against great odds. During the round, Callos was already moving on to other things, and passed the mantle of leadership of the kingdom to me. I relied heavily on his example and our friend Fifleche for advice.

I am Horus who battled the evil of set, in revenge for the death of his father and my first kingdom. I am Horus who is the God of divine and just rulership... War and revenge.

None have breached my walls since the first round, though I would gladly sacrifice my province for my kingdom, and those in it. I deal fairly with those smaller than me, and protect my kingdom, for the kingdom I lost.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(25-Dec-2000 11:24 am)
What kind of spider is that? Brown Recluse? It&#039s shaped right, but a little light... *shudder*
Former Knight ofUDNO
Unregistered User
(04-Jan-2001 09:20 am)
We remember
Unregistered User
(14-Jan-2001 06:09 pm)
For the good of the Kingdom.

best Regent I had
Unregistered User
(16-Jan-2001 01:43 pm)
Unregistered User
(16-Jan-2001 02:33 pm)
Brother Green why is Horus not in Hall of Fame?? He was always a top province his kingdoms always top kingdoms ect... He was #2 in UDNO surley all those accomplishments are deserving of Hall of Fame.
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