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Hall of Fame: Flogger


Short Description
Born at 1981, lives in New Jersey. Playing Utopia since Age 2, Flogger is most known as a highly successful Faery attacker in the game. He reached top 20 at Age 3, and got even better at Ages 4 and 5, reaching #1 in land and networth at one time. He was a good leader, and one of the few who could start in the middle of the round and still manage his way to the top. He claims to have had the most land in the history of Utopia before a massive gangbanging occured. He once caused Toffe (Sauron's Pets) to loose 5k acres. Flogger left Utopia after his anonymous #5 ranked province was hit by aided provinces. He then posted a bold post in the forum saying that top 100 players cheat.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(17-Nov-2000 03:26 pm)
Yo antichron where you been at man? up for climbing and binge drinking again? [email protected] drop me a line sometime
Unregistered User
(21-Nov-2000 11:14 am)
Actually...I wondet that to, Gorilla ;)
Mind telling us flogger?
Unregistered User
(22-Nov-2000 01:06 pm)
Hmm, Jersey,

I never knew flogger was arround the block from me. I always thouight he was one of them Euros that play.
Unregistered User
(24-Nov-2000 01:08 pm)
HAIL frogger !!!

Oops i got a pronouciation crisis today
hope ya wun take it seriously :p
just jk anyway
Unregistered User
(07-Dec-2000 07:07 am)
Nah, Toro, Euro&#039s suck.

Anyway Flogger, I always thought u were a flogger. This is because ur kd is currently 2 spots up on mine. Hopefully i wont be like that for long :)
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