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Hall of Fame: Ex


Short Description
Brett Williams (aka Ex and Excalibur) is the Regent of the Shadowlight kingdom, and the founder of the GSA alliance.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Posts: 1
(14-May-2002 07:09 am)
I didn't realise he had been deleted this round. Anyway just because he MAY have traded dosn't mean he isn't good enough for the hall of Fame he could whoop your ass badly

Posts: 2
(24-May-2002 12:50 pm)
"Anyway just because he MAY have traded dosn't mean he isn't good enough for the hall of Fame" I know for a fact he traded, and cheating SHOULD keep you from the hall of fame. It's people like you who know next to nothing that get worthless people put on a pedastal. For your informatio I smacked him up last round. Killed his prov. Then he used his GSA contacts in our kd to multi himself back in and call all his freinds in to kill me. But I killed him a second time before all his cronies got me. He is a terrible player and doesn't deserve to be here.
Posts: 3
(23-Jun-2002 01:31 pm)
From Evangelic:

Yes, Ex traded into my account to take over my role of taking care of his kd. Note that it was in fact his original account, and if anyone was a cheater - it was I.

Ismoothd - there's no chance you smacked up Ex, because he wasn't playing. I was playing instead of him. So if you smacked up anyone, it was me - and plus, I wasn't killed.

Global Swords were a great alliance that played honourably and took care of their friends. Ex's attitude of caring and protecting friends was adopted by all at GSA and I am proud of all that were members.

Ex is an excellent player, no doubt one of the best this game has seen.
Posts: 4
(23-Jun-2002 06:36 pm)
Unless, of course, you are Monte. Then yes, I would believe you :)

If that is Monte, don't be bitter about the inter-kd war / alliance war that you and the Dogs received. You were a great player, with much potential. Had you waited a few rounds, I am sure you would have been a very very respected member of the kd. It was brave and great of you and the Dogs to take on Ex and GSA - any good kd would have done. But any good kd would also respect their enemy - and boast only that they honourably fought against such a player as Ex.
Posts: 5
(23-Jun-2002 06:37 pm)
You are better than that Monte - I know you are. You and the Dogs proved that you were a great kingdom, and that you would fight for your kingdom. Surely that should be enough for you :)

- Your former king, Evangelic.
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