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Hall of Fame: Divina Comedia

Divina Comedia
Divina Comedia

Born at 1971, Living in the Netherlands. Also known in the forums as A small Halfling. Divina Comedia tells about himself:

I share my appartement with my two cats, Max and Simba :)


I like to call myself the greatest explorer Utopia ever saw, as I managed to switch to attacker as biggest explorer many times :). Nothing wrong with being confident if you have the facts to back it up :P

Round 3:

I started as an Avian four weeks before the end *newbee supreme*.

Round 4:

after the shuffle, I became Elf regent, carrying the name Divina Comedia for the first time. After a rough start, we actually turned into a coherent fighting machine in the end. At the end of the round, I got involved in a project pinning down the exact income per peasant. I was not interested really in the numbers, but I did get a great explorer strategy out of it... The beginning of my "success".

Round 5:

I became Faery regent and I pushed explore hard... To my amazement, I entered the top 100 for the first time, even reaching up to top 15 land. LOL, then I went away for two weeks, coming back to a MUCH smaller province.... I kinda made a bad choice for a babysitter :P

Round 6:

This was maybe my best round. I pushed explore a tad harder this time and switched as #2 world in land. I got into a scrape with AquaSeaFoam and DS which went extremely well... DS bounced and I grabbed a fat Elf there *Sinner of Absalom if I remember correctly*, my first 1300 acre+ hit... That catapulted me back to #2 of course :P. The fun lasted about a week until I had a much less succesfull scrape with Ravenant :). But I plodded along quite nicely until a personal crisis made me delete my province... No top 100 finish that round after all :(

Round 7:

I had gotten enough attention to be invited by Jack into JRRT Angband. The big guys all went Orcie, but I was stubborn and went for Halver explorer, to the dismay of Jack :). But I did well again and switched at #7 land with "The fire of Dante", and this time I managed to finish #20 networth, my first top 100 finish and my hardest :). The kingdom made a great 2nd spot behind Cartoon Networth! Jack is absolutely one of the best regents around :)

Round 8:

This was a weird round. I ended in Jesters with a dorf (Garden Gnome), finished top 100 land.

Round 9:

This was my return to exploring AND to my old name which I had missed deeply :). So the exploring Avian "La Divina Comedia" soared the land lists sided by another Dutchie, Brother Maynard, who played the exploring Avian "Marillion" in another kingdom. This time I pushed explore harder than ever and I did have a lot of experience by now... For the first time ever I became #1 in land *beams with pride*... I managed to switch with about 10% more land as the then current #2. Jesters as a kingdom was in the meantime rocking and blowing the competition away :). We finished #1 because of our team and the skill of BlackSun, one of the best regents in Utopia, maybe the best (Sorry Jack :). And my Avian managed to end up at #9 land :)

Round 10:

An ongoing struggle. I left Jesters to be regent again and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm exploring again and do pretty decent :)

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Posts: 1
(23-Dec-2002 09:55 pm)
An explorer...
I hate when my kd gets one of these. Not much help in a Warring Kingdom as mine.

Can you even reach 4000 acres with just attacks? Maximum exploration at less than 200...
Divina Comedia
Posts: 5
(24-Jan-2003 03:13 am)
Killuall, first off, this is years ago, so the rules have changed a lot:)
Secondly... I have been in a war as top explorer and done some very rugged thieving. This can only be done early round as you will be a burden NW-wise later on.
Thirdly: if you switch after two weeks you dont have a useless explorer province, but a super heavy attacker up and ready with anyone around:)

The value of a province/playing style is what you make of it. An attacker who suicides every minute, attacks outa war or name any of the so common mistakes can be way more detrimental as a good, active explorer.
Posts: 29
(02-Mar-2003 02:10 am)
you love yourself get over it
Omnipotent Air
Posts: 4
(16-May-2003 09:59 pm)
this is my first round, and I know how hard it is to get land and keep it. If you havent already pat yourself on the back, get to it.
Posts: 1
(19-Jun-2003 11:29 pm)
Why do Utopia players love themselves so much? Is it because you're from Brazil?
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