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Hall of Fame: Divina Comedia

Divina Comedia
Divina Comedia

Born at 1971, Living in the Netherlands. Also known in the forums as A small Halfling. Divina Comedia tells about himself:

I share my appartement with my two cats, Max and Simba :)


I like to call myself the greatest explorer Utopia ever saw, as I managed to switch to attacker as biggest explorer many times :). Nothing wrong with being confident if you have the facts to back it up :P

Round 3:

I started as an Avian four weeks before the end *newbee supreme*.

Round 4:

after the shuffle, I became Elf regent, carrying the name Divina Comedia for the first time. After a rough start, we actually turned into a coherent fighting machine in the end. At the end of the round, I got involved in a project pinning down the exact income per peasant. I was not interested really in the numbers, but I did get a great explorer strategy out of it... The beginning of my "success".

Round 5:

I became Faery regent and I pushed explore hard... To my amazement, I entered the top 100 for the first time, even reaching up to top 15 land. LOL, then I went away for two weeks, coming back to a MUCH smaller province.... I kinda made a bad choice for a babysitter :P

Round 6:

This was maybe my best round. I pushed explore a tad harder this time and switched as #2 world in land. I got into a scrape with AquaSeaFoam and DS which went extremely well... DS bounced and I grabbed a fat Elf there *Sinner of Absalom if I remember correctly*, my first 1300 acre+ hit... That catapulted me back to #2 of course :P. The fun lasted about a week until I had a much less succesfull scrape with Ravenant :). But I plodded along quite nicely until a personal crisis made me delete my province... No top 100 finish that round after all :(

Round 7:

I had gotten enough attention to be invited by Jack into JRRT Angband. The big guys all went Orcie, but I was stubborn and went for Halver explorer, to the dismay of Jack :). But I did well again and switched at #7 land with "The fire of Dante", and this time I managed to finish #20 networth, my first top 100 finish and my hardest :). The kingdom made a great 2nd spot behind Cartoon Networth! Jack is absolutely one of the best regents around :)

Round 8:

This was a weird round. I ended in Jesters with a dorf (Garden Gnome), finished top 100 land.

Round 9:

This was my return to exploring AND to my old name which I had missed deeply :). So the exploring Avian "La Divina Comedia" soared the land lists sided by another Dutchie, Brother Maynard, who played the exploring Avian "Marillion" in another kingdom. This time I pushed explore harder than ever and I did have a lot of experience by now... For the first time ever I became #1 in land *beams with pride*... I managed to switch with about 10% more land as the then current #2. Jesters as a kingdom was in the meantime rocking and blowing the competition away :). We finished #1 because of our team and the skill of BlackSun, one of the best regents in Utopia, maybe the best (Sorry Jack :). And my Avian managed to end up at #9 land :)

Round 10:

An ongoing struggle. I left Jesters to be regent again and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm exploring again and do pretty decent :)

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Divina Comedia
Unregistered User
(14-Nov-2000 08:14 am)
LOL... I can&#039t wait till my personal bio is up... ego supreme :P
Unregistered User
(14-Nov-2000 08:22 am)
U an ego dearest MT?? NEVER !!
Unregistered User
(14-Nov-2000 08:39 am)
i still say I TOOK that pic, NOT her :oP

fun times that day buddy :)
Divina Comedia
Unregistered User
(14-Nov-2000 08:41 am)
Uhm, she did 100% sure, I just cut you of the side :P
Unregistered User
(14-Nov-2000 06:47 pm)
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