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Utopians Pictures: Dark Merlin

Dark Merlin
Dark Merlin

I live in the Netherlands and I am 23 years old. I work as a 3D animator for 3 companies on freelance basis. I live on the Net and I was introduced to Utopia at the end of Age 7.

Round 7

I came to a small kingdom of 7 million networth. I got active in the forums and I was playing along fine, but I really had no idea what to do and what everything meant. I always kept a low profile during wars, and managed to remain untouched from attacks. But I got a food shortage and I asked for help in the forums. My king (now my best friend) offered me some help and I was eager to learn. I spent hours with him talking about the game and asking many questions. I found out later that he tricked me into playing mage by telling me that attacker was very hard to play, and I am glad that the bastard did just that :). I ended with 550k networth and 137% raw wizards coverage.

Round 8

My first start. I already knew that I wanted to play mage/thief and I wanted to become the best. My king already told me that he had to go for the summer and that he would train me into the arts of regency as well. Meanwhile I was trying to bring the kingdom closer together and trying to get things better organized. I wanted to bring the "family" feel into it. I succeeded and by the time I became monarch (I played for one month) most were VERY good friends. At wars I noticed that our attacks and operations were a bit "random". So I started to make battle plans before a war started and gave every one their orders and information. I became the king who had all the intelligence work :). It was a very succesful plan and we never lost a war since. Even when we were declared upon by a MUCH bigger kingdom. I gave that war my FULL attention and we managed to be higher in networth than they were when they ended the war. We still talk about that war sometimes... Our morale was extremly high that age and all went perfect. That was also my personal best age. I ended with 950k networth, 287% raw wizards coverage and 20 raw TPA. I got attacked once.

Round 9

My first start as a king. My 2 goals were to beat my last coverage and to end within the top 10 on the island with kingdom networth and fame. It was a normal age. No freaky stuff happend. We fought wars and won them all. We ended 7th on the island in networth, so one goal was achieved. What made this age special for me was the fact that I came in two small underground alliances. One was called La Cosa Nostra and once was MIRC. I climbed up to the top in those two alliances because of my mage/thief expertise and my battle plans. Although both alliances got disbanded later on, I managed to get A LOT of important contacts on my ICQ list. Around that time I was starting to develop a training program for mages and thieves. I tested the program in my kingdom on one person and it was a huge success. That was the time I started to think of a way to give this program to newbies across the game. I ended with 460k networth, 397% raw wizards coverage and 12 raw TPA. I also built schools this round, 21% schools and all science maxed. You can imagine the modified coverage it gave me >:). I also ended 2nd on my island in fame. Both goals accomplished :). I was happy and I never got attacked.

Round 10

We have 3 kings now: me, Russellot (my old king) and Galdorf (Russellot's old king), and it works like a charm. All three of us have all the qualities a king need. Me: Inteligence work (mage/thief), battle plans and kingdom morale. Russellot: Excellent diplomat and math expert. Galdorf: Excellent attacker and natural leader. I consider this a lethal combination.

I also started a site for my mage/thief training program, and I used my looooooong ICQ list for good public relations. That must have worked great because it grows 30 members a week. I figured that this idea of mine had to be known throughout the game so everyone will know where to send their newbies for training. Everyone who has seen my site feels the same about it. It is very unique and well thought out. It is bound to become a huge success.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(12-Jan-2001 08:19 am)
Damn you are ugly man :)

He he he just kidding of course dude, that picture is great compared to how you look on your webcam most of the time :)

Thanks for the nice comments, especially the best friend thing, means a lot to me man. Nice to know that you are getting famous man, I am glad that I created you dude :)
Unregistered User
(12-Jan-2001 08:32 am)
There you are bro :)

Lovely picture... ha ha !!
Dark Merlin
Unregistered User
(12-Jan-2001 08:36 am)

If ANYONE thinks I really got arrested... hehehe... That is funny man.

I live in the netherlands.. We don&#039t have a LA Police Department.

It is all Photoshop magic peeps.
Altho it does look a bit crimi ;)
Dark Merlin
Unregistered User
(12-Jan-2001 08:39 am)
Ohh.. And if there is anyone that does some prison bashing... It&#039ll be me.
Trust me.

So kneel and suck it yourself boy

*Smiles sinisterly*
Unregistered User
(12-Jan-2001 09:25 am)
And now you got arrested =)
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