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Hall of Fame: Byakko


Short Description
Born at 1977, originally from New Jersey, spent his high school years in England, where his family still lives. Played Utopia since Age 3. At Age 6, Byakko found a flaw in the game balance, and perfected a strategy out of it. It was so successful, that he was the first province ever to break 10 million gc networth, and rules in the game had to be changed because of it. This strategy was later named after his province, The HellSwarm. Although many players will agree this was his greatest achivement, Byakko prefers to be remembered for his other province, Sairou Empire, his province in Age 4. Byakko's complete life story will be available soon in our Articles section.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(26-May-2001 11:02 am)
The province that came after HellSwarm had a better strategy... He got more NW much faster. (They aided a guy who went out of vacation mode and send it all to the monarch, the last hour or something like that...) They took 4k acres from him though so he just ended nr 2. Well... I don&#039t know excatly how they did it.. But that strat. was better.
Posts: 1
(10-Jul-2001 08:11 am)
Summer is almost over, and still no kitty...:/

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...:}
Posts: 1
(29-Jul-2001 05:26 pm)
Hehe.... Byakko is in The Anagrams (##:##)..
Posts: 1
(01-Jan-2002 05:40 pm)
Han ser ut som den typiska utopiaspelaren, eller hur!
Posts: 32
(04-Jan-2002 12:48 pm)
hey Byakko,
what was ur stategie? if u still ahve it can ya click on my name and send it to me, and also if u ahve icq or msn just ask me for mine caus i wanna talk
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