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Hall of Fame: AquaSeaFoam


Born at 1976, originally from Minnesota, USA, but currently living in Canada with his girlfriend, LadyExci. Under his regency, his kingdom was the most successful in Utopia in ages 4 to 8, before disbanding. Many of his friends reached top 10 ranking following his advice and strategies. He has developed many innovative strategies, including mass-science pumping for networth, well before it became known and widely copied. He has held many records in Utopia for both his kingdoms and provinces. To this day, he is still the only player to finish with more than 40k acres, after making the 2nd biggest grab that round. I have asked AquaSeaFoam to tell us a bit on his personal Utopian history:

Round 3

I started a couple weeks into the round in a "newbie ghetto" as a Dwarf. I was elected regent when the former regent was killed, on my 4th day into the game. I had been hit many times out of protection, not knowing what I was doing, and was the smallest province in the kingdom with the lowest fame when I was elected. The kingdom moved from being ranked in the mid 40's on island to top 10 by the end. My province also made top 10 on island.

Round 4

Kingdoms were reshuffeled. My first full round. Reached top 10 as Dwarf and was the only Dwarf in the top 100 for much of the round. My kingdom finished top 10, despite the biggest two provinces besides myself deciding to leave the game, and deleting their provinces to abide by Utopian code.

Round 5

I was top 10 nearly all round as an Elf. Near the end, after I stopped attacking and went all elites, I had over 1 million networth lead over the #2 province. It was the highest networth ever acheived at the time. I got peasant killed by the #2 player's 20+ thief accounts while I slept. My kingdom was a solid #3 at the time, and set to have a good shot at #2. We still finished top 10 despite the loss of my province and 4 other good sized ones in the ensuing war.

Round 6

I was given an account back in my kingdom by a player leaving, as was DarkSky. There was large scale feeding messing up the networth charts so I chose to go for land. Midround, DarkSky and I set a goal to each get 40,000 acres. We both reached that goal without feeding or intra-kingdom farming or the use of landfarms. DarkSky got hit during the chaos of a couple hours left in the round, leaving me as the only player to finish a round over 40,000 acres. The kingdom had 4 top 10 land players but one got gangbanged by AV the last day of the round so we finished with 3 of the top 10. The kingdom was once again top 10 despite heavy gangbanging by AV, multies upset at grabs I or DarkSky made, and even Darwins Dark Legion who gangbanged us to improve their rank the last day.

Round 7

I was a top 50 Orc and one of the origional high school users. We were a war kingdom and had a large lead in fame midround over the #2 fame kingdom. We were not a small fame kingdom however, and were also top 10 networth and land. All kingdoms within our war range had war-blockers besides Jester's Troupe and my own kingodm that round however, and we ran out of war targets losing our fame lead, but still finishing top 10 in fame, land, and power. We were the only kingdom that has done that since thieves were made to get fame. We also finished with all provinces over 1 million networth. We are still the only kingodm that ever did that.

Round 8

I played a small casher province playing mainly to help hold the kingdom together and provide direction. The kingodm was #1 until the last few weeks of the round. I was not able to play much that round since I was traveling and not playing Utopia. The kingdom essentially self destructed and felt out of the top spot, but still finished top 10.

Round 9

My kingdom disbanded and I played an Undead in a kingdom with some friends. I was #2 with a couple weeks left in the round playing a very very tough race, but a thief kingodm destroyed my province eliminating any posibility for growth. I still finished top 20.

Disclaimer: The above information might not be fully accurate, and I apologize for that. If you know of any parts that need fixing, please tell me! Periodically, I may go through the users' comments below and incorporate new and fixed information into the page itself.

Readers' Comments

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Posts: 2
(16-Dec-2001 04:10 pm)
He looks like the guy out of wierd science on trouble ;)
Midget Farting
Posts: 1
(24-Dec-2001 04:35 am)
how come i dont get to know n e of the greatest players of utopia
(Posted as ericus)
Posts: 4
(27-Jan-2002 12:49 pm)
lol, he just looks like me.

Oh damn , im only from 1983, so i look like him.
But thats cool at least i look like a good player :)
Posts: 2
(25-Feb-2002 09:15 am)
ahh.. i remember that name AquaSeaFoam
from Orkfia hehe.. bet you'd remember
Evil NuT Hair from NuTTy OrkFiaN KiNgS

err.. anyone else who remembers the rep of the NuTz trust me i'm nothing like that in Utopia :)
Posts: 57
(23-Apr-2002 05:04 am)
hehe @ huxley

jeremy, should you get on here to admire your admirers, hollar at me! Havent chatted much since the wedding and I gotta keep track of my fave couple. Heard about the house! 7570017

take care bro
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