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BF Top War
Posted by UnderCover, 6321 days, 12 hours and 36 minutes ago
The former #1 kingom, GodsArmy of PROPHECY, today declared hostile on the new top kingdom, FSU IMPERIALS KLA. In their first wave of attacks, GodsArmy delivered a massive broadside to the KLA flagship and took nearly 6000 acres unretaliated. Below is GodsArmys summary of the hostile so far:

** Summary **
We gained 5701 acres.
Aid packets sent: 59.
June 18th, YR3: Declared Hostile with (#:##).
June 18th, YR3: Dragon begun. Target: (#:##).
June 18th, YR3: Dragon completed. Target: (#:##).
June 19th, YR3: Dragon begun. Target: (#:##).

No doubt the hostile will be followed closely by many top kingdoms, as how IMPERIALS respond could considerably affect the top charts.

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WoL Triple Crown
Posted by UnderCover, 6350 days, 2 hours and 6 minutes ago
At the close of the Age of Heroes, WoL kingdom Brute Force (8:8), aka TotalWar, managed to top all three kingdom charts and attain the coveted 'Triple Crown' for their kingdom. This is not only an impressive feat, but also a first in Utopia, making them the only kingdom to have held a triple crown.

Dhamon, sometime monarch of Brute Force, who went by the notorious province name 'Hel of Dim Forest (8:8)' (HoDF) had this to say:

"...our goal was inspired by the original HoDF, in that we planned to get honor first, and then use it to grow."

Congratulations to all of Brute Force for this historic achievement:

#1 Land: 124,043 Acres
#1 Networth: 22,885,914 gc
#1 Honor: 99,416

[ Rating: 86% (49 voters) ] [ 85 Comments ]

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