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Vacation Deletion
Posted by UnderCover, 6215 days, 18 hours and 15 minutes ago
Two provinces from InMemoryOfSoulSeer, aka LinearA were today deleted from the kingdom, dropping them from top BF honor kingdom down to #2.

As recently reported by Utopia Temple's reporter Ares, this kingdom recently entered vacation mode en masse, and will return to find two of their members gone, along with their top spot on the charts.

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Genesis Heats Up
Posted by UnderCover, 6221 days, 4 hours and 9 minutes ago
In the biggest reported grab from the Genesis server so far, StrappingYoungLad of the province DonthitMeIBruiseEasy today took nearly 400 acres from Who is Thug Luv.

March 8th, YR1 DonthitMeIBruiseEasy captured 386 acres of land from Who is Thug Luv .

SYL had this to say regarding his massive hit: "LL ULA and The Great Snarfbiggle, and Zen"

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Genesis OOP
Posted by UnderCover, 6227 days, 10 hours and 12 minutes ago
The protection period on Genesis did not end smoothly today, with many reports of players unable to view their provinces. Rather than the typical DNS errors seen at the beginning of most ages, the Utopia black background and banner ads loaded without any province information.

The problem seemed to clear up quickly however, and the first round of grabs has begun. There has been no explanation from Swirve at this stage.

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Prince on BF
Posted by UnderCover, 6227 days, 12 hours and 22 minutes ago
Congratulations to RoBBeRs ViLLaGe, an Elf on Battlefields who managed to top the honor charts with 7061 points last update. Best of luck to the first Prince this age on BF.

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Biggest Grab?
Posted by UnderCover, 6231 days, 7 hours and 56 minutes ago
In perhaps the biggest grab so far this age, WoL province Saurons Crepes took over 1000 acres in one hit yesterday.

May 19th, YR6: Saurons Crepes (##:##) invaded CC WhoSummonedMe (##:##) and captured 1151 acres of land.

Tetrapaq, who plays said province, reportedly lost almost 8000 War Horses in the battle, to which he responded: "I miss my dear ponies... but it was worth it."

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