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First Downtime
Posted by UnderCover, 5844 days, 8 hours and 44 minutes ago
Category: General Utopia News
Utopian users experienced frustration this hour, as their protection period was interrupted by downtime, which is now plaguing all three of Swirve's servers. Players have reported some success in accessing the World of Legends server, but little joy from either Genesis or Battlefields.

Hopefully Swirve can rectify the problem quickly, and limit the inconvenience to players in these early stages of the game.

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Force vs Smurfs
Posted by UnderCover, 5866 days, 22 hours and 37 minutes ago
Category: General Utopia News
The Battlefield kingdoms eX Force Xe and Smurf Squad KLA have both been in the wars recently, with several hostiles flowing back and forth between them.

After the Smurfs' war withdrawal against Force last week, Force has declared two consecutive hostiles against them. In the most recent hostile, Force took back 4000 acres before Smurfs went to fakewar. They are currently in mass vacation mode.

Smurfs had the following comment: "I dont think we saw eye to eye often, but Force have an active kd that can co-ordinate and that much we can respect"

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More Top Wars?
Posted by UnderCover, 5914 days, 11 hours and 56 minutes ago
Category: General Utopia News
Even more action today on the Battlefields server, with the #16 kingdom Evil Famous NMS declaring on the #15 kingdom Evil Dragons and the #1 kingdom Brute Force declaring on the #4 kingdom Monolith. Both hostilities appear likely to progress to war at this stage.

The declaration by Famous is reportedly in response to Dragons hitting them while pumping; the Brute declaration is an obvious payback for Monolith's earlier declaration on Brute.

Whatever the reasons, top kingdoms going head to head should keep things interesting in the charts this age.

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Play On Each Server?
Posted by UnderCover, 5945 days, 23 hours and 9 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Today in the Utopia Bugs & Suggestions forum, Mehul divulged the possibility of Swirve legalizing 'server-multis', and asked for the opinion of the playing public. If Swirve decides to make the change at some stage in the future, players would be allowed to keep a province on both the WoL and BF servers, without risk of deletion.

As a side-effect of the change, kingdoms would no longer be transferred between servers, meaning each server would become the permanent home for their respective kingdoms regardless of size or strength. Battlefields would also be opened up for new players wishing to join an established kingdom.

Public opinion so far seems to indicate approval of the idea, but is far from unanimous. We will have to wait and see whether or not Swirve goes ahead with the plan.

(Original Post)

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Projected Changes
Posted by UnderCover, 5948 days, 20 hours and 39 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
As noted earlier, this age will consist of mostly minor changes. Here are some projected changes:

* Implementation of the Genesis variable draft (with changes to Generals and Patriotism)
* Lower cost increases for elites as provinces grow
* Minor happiness adjustments
* Strengthening of humans, shephards, and sages
* Improvement in the Building Investment feature
* Slower early-age exploring
* We might change hostile declarations to only allow a kingdom to declare one at a time, but lower the minimum time requirement to about 12 hours.

Mehul (Original Post)

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