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Continue into Utopia
Posted by Digger, 6348 days, 4 hours and 48 minutes ago
Recently Swirve changed the page of utopia after you had logged in. Instead of bringing up your province and news, there is now just the monarch message and a link "Continue into Utopia". There was a thread in the Utopia B&S forums "Silly monarch msg solution" in which Mehul made the following reply:

The change wasn't to solve the Monarch problem - that was a by-product of the change. The idea was to get much of the core "login" stuff out of the code for the main menu program. It should speed up the servers a tad bit -- that was one motivation. The other was that it will offer us an opportunity to offer a "feature ad". If that can get better results than the regular ads, we can cut out more ads elsewhere in the game.


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Era of Hope, Basic Info
Posted by Digger, 6354 days and 3 hours ago
The Utopian Age of Heroes comes to a close at midnight tonight -- Sunday, January 12th.

The Era of Hope will begin the morning of Wednesday, January 15th. There will be a two day period on Monday & Tuesday for players to organize their kingdoms and plan for the next round.

Several changes have been made to game for the coming age. Please read the post "Gameplay Changes" for details on all of the implemented changes.

Thanks for playing,
Mehul Patel
Swirve.com Games

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An Era of Hope
Posted by Digger, 6354 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes ago
An Era of Hope: Gameplay Changes

The Utopian Era of Hope contains several changes to Utopia. The major changes are as follows:

* Hospitals now have a +4% (60% Max) bonus on reducing combat losses
* Dungeons now hold 75 prisoners
* Stables now hold 75 horses

Race Changes
* Humans: 20% chance of failing any spell
* Elves: Can cast self-spells on kingdommates at high cost
* Dwarves: +25% Combat Gains; +70% Birth Rate; -40% Construction Time; -40% Military Maintenance; +60% food Consumption
* Orcs: +15% Population; No Combat Gains bonus; +10% Enemy Losses; -50% Magic & Thievery Effectiveness; Stronger Massacre Attack; Elite has been changed to 8/1
* Halflings: Armouries have a 1% chance of training a specialist unit into an elite each hour
* Avians: +50% Elite Gains; -25% Attack Time
* Undead: Only have access to basic thievery operations

* Merchants: Peasant base income doesn't fall due to low happiness
* Shepherds: -20% Rune, Food, and Science Decay

* Specialists cost $350
* Elite units cost $3500 but increase in price as players grow larger
* Elite maintenance has been doubled

Relations Changes
* War: +10% Combat Gains; +5% Offense; -15% Military Losses
* Hostile: -10% Gains on attacks on non-hostile kingdoms (for the declaring kingdom); -6% for declared-on kingdom
* Peace: -10% Combat Gains on the Target Kingdom; +5% Defense

* Martial Law option has been added to help players with low Happiness
* Attack formulas, elite training formulas, and happiness formulas have been changed.
* Option to block incoming aid has been implemented.

All of these changes are now reflected in the new Guide to Utopia.

Thank you,
Mehul Patel

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More Planned Changes
Posted by Digger, 6356 days, 20 hours and 31 minutes ago
* Elite units will probably be made more difficult to obtain in war; they might be strengthened as well, but that's still under consideration.

* Elite maintenance costs may be raised.

* An option to block all incoming aid will likely be added.

* Gains formulas for combat will probably be reworked and tweaked in various areas.

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Planned Changes
Posted by Digger, 6361 days, 6 hours and 2 minutes ago
Happiness will be tweaked some more

* The "top-feeding" strategy will likely be made less effective, maybe in elite gains if not land gains as well.

* We may add a "squash revolt" option for users dealing with Riots / Rebellions in their peasant happiness.

* In terms races, Orcs & Dwarves will likely be improved. Outside of that, we're still looking at the numbers.

More will be posted as it becomes available.

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