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Swirve Blog: Premium Features for Utopia
Posted by Utopia Temple, 4312 days, 17 hours and 3 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related
As promised earlier the premium features for Utopia are now live. The cost is $5 for 20 credits and you will be able to spend 1 credit per day to have your account sat.

The way it works is that the credits need to be on the account that is to be sat, not the one taking over.

Then the player being sat just needs to go to the edit province page and enter the sitter's name under "Sitting Options".

To cancel, the player would need to go back to edit page, and select cancel.

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Utopia Angel v1.93 Beta
Posted by Brother Green, 4314 days, 15 hours and 15 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Temple News
Utopia Angel v1.93 Beta has been released!
Please read what's new while downloading.

  • Download Utopia Angel
  • What's New?

  • Utopia is Down
    Posted by Brother Green, 4317 days, 13 hours and 59 minutes ago
    Category: Swirve Related
    For the last couple of hours, Utopia has been down and inaccessible. People trying to login are receiving this error message:

    Exception EInOutError in module enter.cgi at 000159E9. Invalid numeric input.

    Roisin from OMAC has posted the following: "We are aware of the current server troubles, and are working to resolve the problem - please be patient."

    UPDATE: Roisin has confirmed that the problem is now resolved.

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    Swirve Blog: Unactivated Province Changes
    Posted by Utopia Temple, 4324 days, 12 hours and 12 minutes ago
    Category: Swirve Related
    Starting from the evening of the 20th November GMT, unactivated provinces will now be deleted after 2 days instead of a week as previously, so please make sure you activate them within these time scales in future.

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    Swirve Blog: The Guide
    Posted by Utopia Temple, 4326 days, 15 hours and 55 minutes ago
    Category: Swirve Related
    The new guide can now be found here, and accessed through the in-game link and the homepage.

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