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More on Homes
Posted by UnderCover, 6183 days, 12 hours and 49 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
We are now leaning towards the following numbers for homes:

Homes: Hold 30 people, Employ 0
Other Land: Hold 25 people, Employ 15
Barren Land: Hold 15 people, Employ 0

* Undead would get a bonus of Homes holding 35 people.

We're still looking at these numbers as well.

Mehul (Original post)

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Readers' Comments

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Mad Doggie
(Posted as Mad Dog CoG)
Posts: 7
(28-Jun-2003 11:45 pm)
Better announcement!
Posts: 9
(28-Jun-2003 11:45 pm)
then undead is pretty good race to go for!
Posts: 1
(28-Jun-2003 11:46 pm)
this will not help undead a damn.
Posts: 2
(28-Jun-2003 11:47 pm)
The only way to get big now a days is to explore.. Only explorers can win.
Posts: 9
(28-Jun-2003 11:47 pm)
undead all the way. and the best thing is that when doing and undead elite and scince pump, u can send ure army out and hit really big provinces to get the 'People are pround u are fighting provinces worty of ur self' message and boost happiness.
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