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Regarding Homes
Posted by UnderCover, 6183 days, 13 hours and 59 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
We're currently looking at overhauling the Home / Employment system to return to the old structure originally in place in Utopia. It was changed when Homes were being used to artificially raise utilization, but since that's no longer an issue, we'll likely go back to the No-employment method. Currently, we're looking at:

Homes: Hold 30 people, Employ 0
Other Land: Hold 20 people, Employ 15
Barren Land: Hold 15 people, Employ 0

As opposed to the old system that tended to generate 40-50% Homes, we're hoping this system will encourage a smaller usage level for homes.

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Readers' Comments

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(Posted as Silence)
Posts: 5
(28-Jun-2003 09:51 pm)
I remember the old housing system:)
Posts: 2
(28-Jun-2003 09:52 pm)
I like this idea....
Don Romba
Posts: 137
(28-Jun-2003 09:53 pm)
This sux =S I don't want to get used to some new system again. I liked the current set-up of pop/acre and the usage of homes was just fine with the lil' happiness bonus they'd get.
(Posted as BlackTongue)
Posts: 3
(28-Jun-2003 09:55 pm)
but if orc get the -1 happyiness level and if the homes get the bonus to happyiness (in which ever means) orc will have high percentages of homes anyways
Posts: 44
(28-Jun-2003 09:58 pm)
Pretty good idea.
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