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Swirve Blog: Age 72 Final Changes
Posted by Utopia Temple, 1013 days, 20 hours and 6 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related

Welcome Utopians!  The Age 71: The Metamorphosis has come to an end, and Age 72: The Era of Venerated Bastions  will begin shortly.

We would like to thank everyone for their feedback and help devising what are now the final changes for Age 72.  


Age 72 Freeze Start: Saturday 20th May at 12:00 GMT

Age 72 Protection Start: Tuesday 23rd May at 18:00 GMT

Age 72 Protection End: Wednesday 24th May at 18:00 GMT


NW Changes - Peasants will now be 0.25 NW, and soldiers will be 0.5 NW and 1/1.

SOT change - we are considering adding a ‘last seen’ line to SOTs that will show most recent activity in addition to displaying information related to any active Kingdom Ritual

Scientists - generated on a flat ratio similar to wizards instead of via RNG.

Explore pool - remove kingdom wide explore pool and replace it with province level exploration pools.

Paradise - will still consume explore pool, will be available only to Mystic or Rogue personality (Not Faery)

Gains - Replace Networth Based Gains (NWBG) with a hybrid Land Based Gains (LBG) system that incorporates NW.

Networth Protection - Significantly reduced for spells and sabotage operations.

Op success rate - Success rates made significantly easier to achieve

OOW honor gains - Significantly reduced.

WW Chart Chains - In order to incentivize conflict between top WW kingdoms, we have altered the formula to provide additional WW points (scaling from the current if the kingdom you war is outside of the top 50 for land, honor, NW, and warwins) to double the current points.

WW Bonus - Additionally, we are adding a new set of WW bonuses. Kingdoms will receive recognition on their kingdom page based on the number of WW points they achieve. Each additional 'tier’ that they obtain will also increase their WW bonus – land, honor, credits, etc – by 10%. This is capped at a WW bonus that is 50% larger than the baseline bonus.

Finally the WW bonus will scale with kingdom size under 20 provinces to reduce the potential for abuse with kingdoms that remain intentionally small in the number of provinces.

The War Win bonus will also include a provision of additional land to every province’s individual explore pool in both kingdoms, this is mainly aimed at helping provinces that are destroyed in war to have a chance to grow back to a functional size.

WAR - Exploration during End Of War Cease-Fire will have reduced cost penalties (from 500% to 250% of normal cost).

Explore Penalty - Kingdoms smaller than 10 provinces will see an increased explore penalty.

Several New Spells dedicated to the Paladin Personality Only

Kingdom Rituals

Kingdom Rituals (KR) are a new mechanic that serve as a kingdom-wide bonus.

- The Monarch or Steward will select one of 3 rituals the kingdom will begin (similar to the starting of a dragon)

- To complete the ritual the Kingdom must cast a new 'ritual spell’ 100 times within 48 hours of the ritual being started

- The ritual spell will have a very expensive rune casting cost; and have a difficulty similar to the most difficult self spell

- A successful KR will last for 120 hours

- Only one KR can be active, another KR can be started before the active KR ends, very similar to Dragons. Once the KR is completed, the previous KR will be replaced

- All users will have a KR page; on this page only you will have the KR spell available to help initiate the KR

- The KR page will also display various information such as: current KR status (type and strength), whether a new ritual is being cast, how many more successful casts are necessary

- For enemies: an active KR will be displayed via Spy on Throne, where you will see which KR is active and current strength

There are three kinds of KRs, we do not yet have names for them, and the numbers are likely to change drastically:

1) Barrier - Increases defensive TPA and WPA by 25%; reduces gains via attacks against the kingdom by 10% (similar to Guard Stations); +10% DME

2) Affluent (WAR ONLY) - Increases income by 25%, Birth Rate by 20%, and draft speed by 25%

3) Onslaught - Increases OME by 10% and enemy casualties on your offensive attacks by 15%

Note: The Prosperity KR can be initiated and completed at any time regardless of your stance (relations) however, if it is active and you are NOT in war you will receive no effects from it.


Self Spells

Inspire Army is no longer a baseline spell, it is being replaced by a Paladin Only spell called Paladin’s Inspiration and has ~25% increased effects (low difficulty;moderate/high duration)

New Spells:

Scientific Insights (Paladin Only) - This spell will increase the science effectiveness of target province by +10% (moderate difficulty/short duration)

Illuminate Shadows (Paladin Only) - Provide target with -20% damage from thievery operations (moderate/high difficulty;moderate duration)

Wrathful Smite (Paladin Only) - Attacks against province while this spell is active will result in higher casualties for the attacker (moderate difficulty;low/moderate duration)

Divine Shield (Paladin Only) - Increase magic defense of target (will stack with Magic Shield;low/moderate difficulty;moderate duration)


Magic Ward (Unf Only) (Paladin Only) - Increase target’s spell cost in runes by 25% for duration (moderate difficulty)

Barrier of Integrity (Unf Only) (Paladin Only) - Stops all drafting that would normally take place in target province (moderate/high difficulty;very short duration)



Attack time -25%

Birth Rate +40%

Can Train Elites with Credits


Battle Gains -10%

Can’t Use Stables

Minus 2000 Starting Spec Training Credits

20% fewer credits generated

Spell book: Fanaticism, Greater Protection, Bloodlust

Elite: 11/4, 775 gc, 10.5 NW



Building Efficiency +25%

Construction Cost -100%

Construction Time -50%

Use Credits to Raze

Access to Greater Arson


Food Consumption +100%

Can’t Accelerate Construction

Spell book: Mystic Aura

Elite: 8/9, 900 gc, 10 NW



Instant Spell Damage +25%

WPA +35%

Towers Efficiency +20%

+2 dspec strength


Wages +50%

Spell book: Clear Sight

Elite: 9/7, 1000 gc, 10 NW



All Spells (Including Tree of Gold; Excluding Paradise & Paladin Spells)


-10% income

-5% population

Spell book: All Spells (Including Tree of Gold; Excluding Paradise & Paladin Spells)

Elite: 5/10, 1050 GC, 11 NW



Max Population +10%

Thief Cost -50%

TPA + 40%

Extra Stealth +1

+1 ospec strength


Birth Rate -10%

BE - 5%

Spell book: Aggression, Mage’s Fury

Elite: 6/8, 700 gc, 9 nw



Income +30%

Immune to Income Penalties

Increase Scientist Generation Rate +25%

+1 general


WPA -10%

Spell Cost +50% Runes

Spell book: Greater Protection, Quick Feet

Elite: 11/5, 1050 gc, 11 NW



Battle Gains +20%

Draft Cost -100%

Enemy Casualties on Attack +15%


Military Casualties +10%

TPA -10%

Spell book: Bloodlust, Reflect Magic

Elite: 12/1, 1000 gc, 11.5



Carries & Immune to Plague

No Food Required

Offensive Casualties -50%

Def Troop Losses 50% to solds

Convert Specs to Elites

Ospec strength +2

Mana +1


Science Effectiveness -15%

Can’t Train Elites

Basic Thievery Only

Spell book: Town Watch, Nightmares

Elite: 11/3, 11.5 NW

New Race - Dryad

Double Strength War Horses
Mercenaries fight with 7 strength
Each acre produces food

+25% attack time
-15% opponent kills

Elite (Will O’ The Wisp) 14/2, 1100 GC, 12.5 NW
Offensive Specialist (Huldra) 6/0, 350 GC
Defensive Specialist (Nymph) 0/6, 350 GC





Military Casualties -35%

Plague Immunity

Starting Bonus

Soldiers +800

Spec Credits +800


Animate Dead

Greater Protection



Magic & Crime Science Effectiveness +20%

WPA +20%

Runes Refunded 35%

No Wiz Killed on Failed Spells

No Thieves lost on Failed Ops

Spell and Op Damage +10%

Starting Bonus

Starting Wizards +100

Starting Thieves +200







Guild Effect +100%

Magic Sci Eff +75%

Spell Damage +15%

Starting Bonus

Starting Wizards +600



Meteor Showers




Thievery Sci Eff +50%

Thieves’ Dens Eff +50%

Extra Stealth / Tick +1

Access to ALL Thief Ops

Starting Bonus

Starting Thieves +400






Abduct Protection +30%

Science Effectiveness +25%

Starting Bonus

Starting Scientists +25%





Attack Time -20%

Accurate Espionage

Starting Bonus

Starting Soldiers +800

Spec Credits +800


Clear Sight



Off Military Eff +5%

Full Conquest Access

OME in war +10%

Starting Bonus

Starting Soldiers +800

Spec Credits +800



War Hero


Battle Gains +5%

Honor Bonuses +100%

Income Penalty Protection

Dragon Immunity

Convert Specs into Elites

Starting Bonus

Starting Elites +800


War Spoils




Can Cast Fading Self Spells on Kingdom Members (success will be based on WPA)

Troops attacks dragon with 20% more strength


Fool’s Gold

Paladin’s Inspiration

Scientific Insights

Illuminate Shadows

Wrathful Smite

Divine Shield

Magic Ward

Barrier of Integrity

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