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Swirve Blog: Free premium items and an upcoming feature
Posted by Utopia Temple, 3050 days, 14 hours and 44 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related

Welcome to Age 54! There's plenty of action already happening in the game, but we've a few announcements that should be of interest to you.

Free stuff

That got your attention, right? In Age 53 we had our first Utopian census. It was obvious there was some confusion about the premium items available in Utopia. We've already made some changes to highlight when/where these items are useful, and now we're going to give you some for free so that you can experience how great they are!

  • The hostility meter will be visible to everyone for the next week (if you've already purchased the hostility meter we will extend it by one week).
  • Monarchs will each receive 3 Royal Commands, which they can use to better direct their kingdom's activities.
  • A random member of each kingdom will receive a taunt that the kingdom can use to antagonize and ridicule an opponent. Just make sure that you stay within the confines of the code of conduct when you do so. Check your inventory in the shop to see if you've received a taunt.

An upcoming feature

We have a new feature in development that we hope you'll be excited about. Recruiting players from other kingdoms is currently very time consuming and many kingdoms never manage to fill all of their slots. In this new feature kingdoms will announce the kind of recruits they want and matching players will be able to find these opportunities. We'll release more information in a few weeks when its closer to release.

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