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Tournament to replace Genesis
Posted by Brother Green, 4902 days and 17 hours ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Instead of having another Genesis this time, we are looking at bringing back the Great Utopian War tournament style game for a round starting within a few weeks.

Here's what we're currently looking at for the next GUW server:

* Like last time, players would sign up before the game starts. Sign ups would be closed, then players screened for cheaters and assigned randomly to kingdoms.

* We'd have a more structured system in place, with a random war assigned, last for x days, and then end and have time between wars again.

* Unlike last time, we'd reset provinces and provide one freeze-day between each round. So it would be something like: 1 Freeze Day, 2-3 days of building/growth, 3-5 days of War, repeat. Each round would have a different starting setup to the provinces (some rounds, everyone might start with 500 acres, sometimes 2000, etc). We haven't really decided whether you'd be able to change race/personality each time or not.

* Players would likely be able to skip one round (vacation) during the tournament. There would be 20 players per kingdom and if a kingdom goes to fewer than 8, they are automatically out of the running. (Alternatively, we might simply merge smaller kingdoms with equal numbers of wins.)

* War wins would be determined based on which kingdom has a higher net change in land. There would be no exploring and no paradise spell.

Ideally, we will finalize these plans over the weekend and get the signup period up next week.

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Readers' Comments

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m o d
Posts: 25
(16-Nov-2007 06:44 am)
finally the guw is back
but replacing genesis :S gimme 3 servers !
Posts: 78
(16-Nov-2007 07:20 am)
Yay, I liked it the last time. And it's always better then some boring genesis.
Posts: 7
(16-Nov-2007 11:56 am)
Finally a new challenge :)
Posts: 1
(16-Nov-2007 06:04 pm)
Sounds like it's worth a try.
I however would like it better if there was both a Genesis and a GUW server and they actually tested stuff on Genesis.
Prince Blood
Posts: 35
(17-Nov-2007 12:06 am)
Keep Genesis! 3 servers!!
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