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Genesis Initial Changes
Posted by Brother Green, 5015 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
The current round of the Genesis Server will end on Tuesday, July 31st. Shortly after, the new round will be placed online and is will be set to start Friday, August 3rd. Details of changes will be posted closer to the end date.

(Original post)

This thread will be used for development of changes in Genesis. We're looking primarily at minor race tweaks in this Genesis to build on the major changes to WOL. Changes we're looking at include:

Humans: +30% Income; +30% Science Effectiveness
Elves: +25% Spell Strength; No more wages penalty
Orcs: -15% Science Effectivness; $800 Elite

Merchant: +15% Income
Shepherd: Immunity to Storms & Droughts (updated 30-Jul-2007)

We're also looking at experimenting with a new casualties system in which not all troops would be killed in combat; instead, a portion would go back to re-training to be available in 24 hours. This would apply to defense. We're still debating whether this would even be a good change, so I'm not sure it will get implemented.

Please feel free to provide feedback on any/all of these changes on these boards.

Mehul (Original post)

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 5
(27-Jul-2007 02:47 pm)
I don't find any of those race/pers changes to be very interesting.

Anybody excited about any of these?

Orc $800 is nice.

Apart from that... meh
Sir Diplomacy
Posts: 47
(28-Jul-2007 02:47 am)
interesting to see how TW works with the mew casualty system... 1/3 of your peasentry auto-trains to sols, lol bring on the dragons o.0
Posts: 81
(28-Jul-2007 04:37 am)
Yes I'm thinking of playing gen just for the hell of it, and run a offensive juggernaut type province, Orc Warrior, get my offense as high as humanly possible, gear absolutely everything to a insane offense just for kicks, like 2/1 elites/def specs and all offensive type buildings (Rax, TG, Stable)

Its Gen so I wont really much even care and I can see if the whole "offense as defense" thing is all ups cracked up to be.
Posts: 19
(29-Jul-2007 12:52 am)
I'm thinking more of a Human Sage and see how much power I can blow out of it. Sure, Orc Warrior might be strong, but with a Human Sage, with these new bonuses, try matching 60% income from science stacked on top of the 30% humans get. I also forgot that it's even higher with +30% pop sci.

Don't think any Orc Warrior can match the raw economic power of a human. Will try for a 35 ppa no homes this gen age then, should be fun. Hmm... 80% draft rate with 90% BE and still enough income to train anything... tempting.
Posts: 3
(30-Jul-2007 12:01 pm)
Elves are weak.....
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