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Genesis End Date
Posted by Brother Green, 5118 days, 17 hours and 40 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
The current round of the Genesis Server will end on Saturday, April 21st. Shortly after, the new round will be placed online and is will be set to start Tuesday, April 24th. Details of changes will be posted closer to the end date.

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 29
(14-Apr-2007 12:57 pm)
finally >.<
Posts: 46
(14-Apr-2007 01:20 pm)
I want the TOURNAMENT SERVER to come back! It was the greatest thing Mehul has come up with for many years.

Please, make it come back.
Posts: 21
(14-Apr-2007 02:55 pm)
I love the last line:

"Sorry for the one month delay."

Oh wait...
Posts: 9
(15-Apr-2007 09:30 am)
Thank you Mehul/Swirve for the extension!
Ford McDonald
Posts: 6
(15-Apr-2007 11:20 pm)
I agree with silverpil's comment. And if Mehul and his staff don't have time to develop and think up new things for another tournament, just make it exactly like last time, I loved it and had lots of fun. Random kds, random wars every 3 days, it was great.
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