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Age of Triumph Online
Posted by Brother Green, 5158 days, 17 hours and 49 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Utopia: The Age of Triumph has been placed online. Monday & Tuesday, players can login and interact with kingdommates, but no actions will take place. Gameplay will actually begin at midnight on the morning of Wednesday, March 7th.

Races & Personalities:

* Humans have +20% Income and a lowered Elite cost to $800
* Dwarves improve slightly with a +25% Building Efficiency and +20% Food Consumption
* Undead's penalty is reduced to -30% Science Effects
* Sage gets Immunity to Learn Attacks
* Warrior gets -75% Mercenary Costs
* Merchants have +10% Income
* General has -10% Military Casualties for each General sent on attack
* Freak changed to have every 7 elites take the space of 6 peasants

Other Changes:

* Homes increase Birth Rates by 1.5%
* Troops can be trained at double cost for half the time.
* No more raze during War
* Massacre during War will destroy some of an opponent's buildings

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    (Posted as CommentGuy)
    Posts: 134
    (05-Mar-2007 01:03 pm)
    I honestly think human/sage is a bit overrated. With just -50% sci costs, the constant need to pump is just going to slow down growth. Not very efficient for warring provs.
    Posts: 42
    (05-Mar-2007 03:12 pm)
    who says you need to constantly pump if you manage an overal land/science grow?
    Posts: 65
    (05-Mar-2007 04:03 pm)
    For human/sage to be overrated it has to be rated highly first :P
    Posts: 30
    (05-Mar-2007 04:07 pm)
    why only human? theres dwarf sage orc sage halfer sage etc. humans dont have the sci bonus anymore.
    Posts: 2
    (05-Mar-2007 04:08 pm)
    So what would be the best way to go. I haven't played for 1 1/2 yrs.
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