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Final Changes
Posted by QuantumChaos, 5129 days, 4 hours and 31 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
With only a few hours left in the age, Mehul has posted the final changes for the next age, dubbed The Age of the Dragon. The guide has also been updated to reflect these changes.

Races & Personalities

  • Avians have +60% birth rates and +25% military losses
  • Undead no longer have a thievery penalty
  • All personalities have had their elite bonuses removed
  • Sage will have 50% lower science costs
  • Warrior gets full protection from ambushes
  • Freak: 10 Elites take up the space of 9 peasants


  • Dungeons will now hold only 25 prisoners
  • Stables will hold only 50 horses


  • Sending extra Generals provides a +3% bonus instead of +5%
  • Honor provides a +2% offensive bonus instead of 3%
  • Major changes to combat gain formulas
  • During Hostile/War relations, spells and ops require less mana and stealth


    Dragons have been redesigned entirely. There are now 4 types of dragons as described below. At any given time, a kingdom can be producing only one dragon and the target of only one dragon. A dragon can be killed by sending soldiers and specialists, but all troops used will be killed. When targetted by a dragon, more information is available on killing it. Types of dragons:

    Ruby: 8% drop in military efficiency
    Emerald: 10% higher military losses and 10% lower combat gains
    Sapphire: 20% lower thievery & magic effectiveness
    Gold: Reduces building efficiency by 15%

    All dragons also have the effect of 10% lower income and 20% loss of all new draftees

    In addition, a new Swirve Rewards system has been put into place to allow users more opportunities to play Utopia with no advertising - please view the Service Levels link at the top of the page for details.

    Enjoy the game!
    Mehul Patel (Original Post)

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    Readers' Comments

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    (Posted as CommentGuy)
    Posts: 123
    (19-Nov-2006 08:03 pm)

    Wow...take a look at this. No elite bonuses, and the offensive stuff got altered...
    (Posted as CommentGuy)
    Posts: 124
    (19-Nov-2006 08:04 pm)
    They made generals less effective...but luckily didn't boost T/Ms as they were considering. Now attackers have shorter fangs.
    Posts: 7
    (19-Nov-2006 08:13 pm)
    I'm going T/M. Time for some attacker crippling.
    Posts: 12
    (19-Nov-2006 08:41 pm)

    R u serious? In war T/M's are massively boosted. Ops use less stealth/mana. OMG - what can a faery do to a province!?

    Posts: 1
    (19-Nov-2006 09:00 pm)
    Then we send a sapphire dragon
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