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Genesis: End Dates
Posted by QuantumChaos, 5306 days, 1 hour and 17 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Several minutes ago, Mehul announced that this round of Genesis will end on Thursday, October 12th, with the new round officially starting Monday, October 16th. He also posted some of the planned changes, including a complete overhaul of the current dragon system, and lowering offensive efficiency.

This age of Genesis will end on Thursday, October 12th, with the next age beginning on Monday, October 16th. We will use this thread to post planned changes. For starters, we are looking at:

  • Reducing a variety of offensive military modifiers, including the bonus from generals and the storage capacity for prisoners and horses.
  • We'll be looking to change the gains & attack times formulas further to deal with various issues
  • Lower use of mana & stealth in hostile and war conditions
  • We are looking at updating the personalities bonuses. For starters, we will remove the elite bonus, which is unnecessarily complicated for the limited benefits it brings. Instead, we will focus more on the core bonuses to better define the personalities.
  • We're going to look at rebuilding the Dragon system entirely, in terms of starting and funding a dragon, the damage done, and the methods for killing it.

    More will be posted soon.

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    Readers' Comments

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    Posts: 2
    (09-Oct-2006 02:28 am)
    Happy birthday to me! October 12th, my birthday and the day Gen goes down! LOL He's letting me spend my B-Day off the computer! ...Oh wait, I didn't play Gen, anyway...

    Still, new Dragon System? That'll be cool. Can't wait to see what he's got on this one!
    Posts: 4
    (09-Oct-2006 02:50 am)
    Looks promising. Lower use of mana and stealth, damn, been waiting for that.
    Posts: 134
    (09-Oct-2006 03:44 am)
    Sounds like less top-feeding and less ways to bring a top opponent down. This will be fun.
    Posts: 150
    (09-Oct-2006 06:49 am)
    can't wait to se the numbers! :)

    Less top-feeding depends on how they change the gains system. As it is now, top-feeding isn't a very big problem.
    Mad Chess
    Posts: 51
    (09-Oct-2006 08:26 am)
    I really hope that he powers up Avian, it has been unplayabel if wanting to compete whit others than avians in the past couple of rounds.

    the dragon issue sounds good, I can't see the realistic in a dragon 5% of full streange is abel to still cause 100% trouble, maybee the dammage shuld be increased whit the value gooing down as it is attacked, but then it shuld be easier to both send an kill.

    I hope the current gains remais the same, but whit the maximum added time beeing a week or so in extream situations, that will keep people from buttomfeeding to often, and to small players. However there shuld be no or littel added time to ambushes, it's kind of sick that I got a 30 hour attack time for ambushing a player 3times my site.
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