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Standoff Changes
Posted by brado997, 5640 days, 20 hours and 48 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Today on the Standoff server, a message stating that the gains formula will be adjusted, starting February 15th was sent to players. The change will be to remove the protection that players in smaller kingdoms have been getting, due to the influence of kingdom networth in the gains formula. Swirve also recommended that players in smaller kingdoms defect. Defection penalties on the Standoff server were removed when defection was enabled last week.


Beginning Wednesday, February 15th, the gains formula will change to not provide protective benefits based on kingdom networth to smaller kingdoms. Players in kingdoms with few players are encouraged to defect to a larger kingdom.

Thank you for your support,
Your friends at Swirve Games
Signed, Swirve Games

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 86
(13-Feb-2006 10:28 pm)
I hope it stays on SO and doesn't come to WoL. I don't play SO, but what's the use of that? MEhul wants to get rid of small kds and only keep the large ones?
Posts: 56
(13-Feb-2006 10:39 pm)
So much for "This is the kingdom you'll need to stick with the whole age to make your dreams come true" or whatever BS he was dispensing at the beginning.

I really thing Mehul's going in the wrong direction with most of the changes, but at least SO's starting to get a little more fun.
Posts: 83
(13-Feb-2006 11:36 pm)
This is just a SO change, and it's intended to persuade players to defect from their small kingdoms. Think about it... no protective gains by being in a small kingdom. What better way to kick people from small kingdoms than that? The whole reason for being in their 1- or 2-man kingdom (low kingdom networth = poor gains) is gone... lol
Posts: 84
(13-Feb-2006 11:39 pm)
Wavelength: Yeah, it's a bit disappointing he's had to stray from the original idea where players could determine their own strategy for winning (some of which were to eat their own, causing low kingdom networth and poor gains against them). But kudos to Mehul... the game is picking up pace this way, not letting players use defensive gains exploits to their advantage. :)
Posts: 101
(13-Feb-2006 11:46 pm)
I think he's just trying to end standoff.
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