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Genesis Ends
Posted by brado997, 5548 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Along with the new race changes in genesis, as they were posted here earlier, Mehul announced the game will be coming to a close on February 13th and the new age beginning on February 16th.

A few more updates:

Current Genesis will end Monday, February 13th, with the new round starting on Thursday.

Another update has been posted to the races; its still not balanced or complete, but makes additional changes. Undeads have been reconfigured a bit to avoid the silly aspect of casting spells to create peasants, as well as adding a unique Elite structure. They may be ridiculously overpowered or completely useless, but that's why this is Genesis.

Please feel free to post additional comments on these races - strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc.

Mehul (Original Post)

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 116
(08-Feb-2006 10:00 pm)
i hope next round will also last 6 month that was fun... thought next time delete a kingdom that regroup 4 of the absalom leader like w00t it's obvious they traded 90% of there guys.

Just be more effective in deleting absalom ghey trader next round mefool.
Posts: 47
(08-Feb-2006 10:42 pm)
i concur!
s t e v o
(Posted as S t e v o)
Posts: 51
(08-Feb-2006 11:46 pm)
heh, im sure lots will be glad to hear this =P
Posts: 10
(08-Feb-2006 11:51 pm)
Cannot Train Elites
Some Specialists Converted to Elites in Attacks
9/4 Elite - $---

ooooooohhhhh undead will be very interesting this age.

cant wait for new age to begin!
Posts: 2
(09-Feb-2006 12:04 am)
Gee sages should get their +10% gains on undeads back . . .
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