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Genesis: End Dates
Posted by QuantumChaos, 6001 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Several hours ago, Mehul announced that this age of Genesis will end on Tuesday, with the new round officially starting on Friday.

In addition to this announcement, he also gave some preliminary changes to the buildings, which are listed below, as well as introducing 3 building types.

Building Types:

Capacity Buildings are not affected by investment, effectiveness, or the new decreasing-efficiency system.

Flat Rate Buildings are affected by investment and effectiveness, but not the new system (these are things such as Farms and Towers).

Percentage Buildings which function based on the % of your land - these buildings are affected by investment, efficiency, and the new system.

Building Changes:

Mills - 5%/99% Max (Building Costs); 2%/50% Max (Exploration Costs)
Training Grounds - 2.5%/75%
Armouries - 2%/75%
Barracks - 0.75%/25% (Attack Times); 0.75%/20% (Offense)
Forts - 1.75%/30% (Resource Losses); 0.5%/10% (Defense)
Thieves' Dens - 5%/95% (Losses); 1%/None (Effectiveness)
Banks - 1.25%/None, No longer protect against thievery
Hospitals - 4%/80% (Losses); 4%/None (Birth Rates), No longer help to cure plague
Watchtowers - 1.5%/60% (Catching); 5%/100% (Identifying)
Schools - 1.5%/60%
Taverns - 3%/50%

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 16
(12-Nov-2004 05:15 pm)
I think they shoudl change the race/personality as well
Posts: 30
(12-Nov-2004 05:30 pm)
schools rule with this :)
Posts: 1
(12-Nov-2004 05:44 pm)
these don't look to bad
P a r a d o x
(Posted as Paradox UC)
Posts: 21
(12-Nov-2004 05:56 pm)
i <3 this gen age

dont end it :'(
Posts: 18
(12-Nov-2004 06:15 pm)
Hmm. I allready ax schools... get 8% extra land now though... for the barrans :) the barracks wil be brought back to the game.

Nice to see forts go down too for me as attacker.

Dont like the fact that it is so easy for t/ms to get honor now.. and see nothing that will change that fact. Espessially with their 95% less losses with thieves. Damn.
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