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Force vs Smurfs
Posted by UnderCover, 6130 days, 16 hours and 53 minutes ago
Category: General Utopia News
The Battlefield kingdoms eX Force Xe and Smurf Squad KLA have both been in the wars recently, with several hostiles flowing back and forth between them.

After the Smurfs' war withdrawal against Force last week, Force has declared two consecutive hostiles against them. In the most recent hostile, Force took back 4000 acres before Smurfs went to fakewar. They are currently in mass vacation mode.

Smurfs had the following comment: "I dont think we saw eye to eye often, but Force have an active kd that can co-ordinate and that much we can respect"

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 31
(08-Sep-2004 04:53 pm)
mas: is bf better...of course...but I don't think multiing is any more prevelant on WoL...also I think to call it minor league gives the wrong impression...minor league players are ones that can't make it to the bigs...that's not the case here...there are more skilled players of bf, but there are a large number of guys on WoL that could play on bf (with kd support of course)...
Posts: 32
(08-Sep-2004 04:53 pm)
it's not that there is a huge gap in the individual players....just that the kds aren't as well organized (or perhaps traded is a better word). I'd look at it more like comparing Japanese baseball to American baseball. The average American team will beat the average Japanese team...but plenty of Japanese players could make it over here if they wanted to (who leads the league in hits?...a Japanese guy). So the average talent on bf is better...obviously...but there are plenty of skilled WoL players as well.
Posts: 26
(08-Sep-2004 05:47 pm)
wow smurfs ran away...didn't they agree to war?

Posts: 63
(08-Sep-2004 07:33 pm)
DoW has said it all. He made a good example and made some rationale analysis. Unfortunately, arhmaad
and mas are too dense to understand what his points are. arhmaad
and mas thought that they know everything and assumed that BF is the best there is and WoL is just for n00bs and newbies. I wonder how arhmaad
and mas would fare if they were in WoL.
Posts: 82
(09-Sep-2004 01:32 am)
Quote: minor league players are ones that can't make it to the bigs...that's not the case here


Eh, sure they can. Lots of players start and play when they are young in the minors and some of em even become superstars later in the big leagues. Most players in any sport dont start immediately in the premier league. That there are good players on WoL I also said. Just less per kingdom. Less density and more noobs.

As of multies: I saw many many more on WoL then anytime on BF. Why is that so? Cause most BF kingdoms and alliances would nuke out any suspected multi remoreselessly and they are much better organized than WoL kingdoms or alliances usually. Thats why. And I really noticed a difference.
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