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Force vs Smurfs
Posted by UnderCover, 6130 days, 17 hours and 51 minutes ago
Category: General Utopia News
The Battlefield kingdoms eX Force Xe and Smurf Squad KLA have both been in the wars recently, with several hostiles flowing back and forth between them.

After the Smurfs' war withdrawal against Force last week, Force has declared two consecutive hostiles against them. In the most recent hostile, Force took back 4000 acres before Smurfs went to fakewar. They are currently in mass vacation mode.

Smurfs had the following comment: "I dont think we saw eye to eye often, but Force have an active kd that can co-ordinate and that much we can respect"

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 1
(08-Sep-2004 02:34 pm)
Maybe most the reporters are in BF, Remember these reporters are human too, its all luck how they get the info and whether they wish to report it.

GJ to force.
Posts: 113
(08-Sep-2004 02:50 pm)
first of all, very few people give a flying fuck about WOL, from these posts as you see, there are 2 people bitchen and everyone else doesnt care.

if they made a post about a WOL war, the whole thread would involve WOL = nOOb, post real news etc...

if you want news, bring your "great" kingdom from wol and see how "great" they are in BF
Posts: 81
(08-Sep-2004 03:35 pm)
1. Sure its no war. But kind of logic to post a followup. Was the thrid challenge this age but the first accepted challenge and then run. 8-;

2. WoL has some good players but it is minor league and lots of stupid multis. Played there once for a rebuilding age. We almost won the server while rebuilding. Long ago though.

3. Smurfs got opped when they ran off by withdrawal initially as I heard. Nothing wrong with that. Then after they ran 1st time Force offered to leave em alone if they accepted the challenge. Fairer than they had to be. Only info ops after that until the run #2....
Posts: 29
(08-Sep-2004 04:53 pm)
LOL @ Arhmaad...typical person who thinks they know what they are talking about but is actually completely clueless.

I played in Force...and under different names I played in BoA and Jester's Troupe (that was likely the most fun I ever had in Utopia...playing in kds where the people running them very intensely disliked (if not hated) me:).
I've also had the number 1 province in the world (yes on BF not WoL...or more specifically most of the times it was before the server split) around half a dozen times...so I know much more about how politics in this game work and am a much better estimator of talent than you'll ever be.
Posts: 30
(08-Sep-2004 04:53 pm)
Yeah yeah...I know I've been told by people before to stop bringing up things I did 4-5-6 ages ago...but when clueless noobs like this start to spout off and pretend to be experts on matters it just irks me.
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