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Force vs Smurfs
Posted by UnderCover, 5817 days, 1 hour and 27 minutes ago
Category: General Utopia News
The Battlefield kingdoms eX Force Xe and Smurf Squad KLA have both been in the wars recently, with several hostiles flowing back and forth between them.

After the Smurfs' war withdrawal against Force last week, Force has declared two consecutive hostiles against them. In the most recent hostile, Force took back 4000 acres before Smurfs went to fakewar. They are currently in mass vacation mode.

Smurfs had the following comment: "I dont think we saw eye to eye often, but Force have an active kd that can co-ordinate and that much we can respect"

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 7
(08-Sep-2004 07:27 am)

Force only did intel on smurfs... they didn't do any other ops on them.
Posts: 27
(08-Sep-2004 10:05 am)
Off original topic...but not off the topic that's more common in this thread atm.

There are actually a fair number of top players on WoL atm...they play there for the same reason that some people like genesis...not as much politics...of course there is always some...but it's not nearly as prevelant...it is a complete impossibility to be t100 on bf in a ghetto, on WoL it's very very very hard...but still enough within the realm of possibility to give people hope (I was t20 just a week or two ago when I got deleted for target sharing...dumbasses I work with forgot to use proxies when we started helping with the hitting WTA targets).
Posts: 28
(08-Sep-2004 10:05 am)
My opinion is there is FAR too little WoL press...I was not only surprised, but completely and totally mystified as to how there could possibly have been no reports of the DRG/WTA conflict. It involved the top 2 kds warring, sa well as almost all of the t20, close to half the t50, and probably close to a dozen t100 provinces not in top kds. How an event like that could not be news worthy I still have no idea...you'd think having the 4 of the t5 provinces in the world going from 10K+ acres to under 3K in one day might have been interesting to people.

So yes...even though WoL doesn't deserve equal billing with BF, it is still extremely underrepresented in the news.
Posts: 44
(08-Sep-2004 12:43 pm)
being on bf atm, i have to agree, there is still some sort of interesting news on wol ....
Posts: 1
(08-Sep-2004 01:53 pm)
Yeah- i know! I'm in the 2nd best DRG KD there and it really would be worth covering. Someone really oughta look into the DRG vs. WTA conflict. We've scared 2 or 3 WTA KD"s into detagging already :)
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