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Force vs Smurfs
Posted by UnderCover, 6130 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes ago
Category: General Utopia News
The Battlefield kingdoms eX Force Xe and Smurf Squad KLA have both been in the wars recently, with several hostiles flowing back and forth between them.

After the Smurfs' war withdrawal against Force last week, Force has declared two consecutive hostiles against them. In the most recent hostile, Force took back 4000 acres before Smurfs went to fakewar. They are currently in mass vacation mode.

Smurfs had the following comment: "I dont think we saw eye to eye often, but Force have an active kd that can co-ordinate and that much we can respect"

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 58
(08-Sep-2004 02:12 am)
jenna7: "the reason why Top 50 kd names get on UT news is because they are the cream of utopia. They are Utopia's best."

shawnrox: "C'mon, nobody knows who the Yankee's minor league teams are (okay, some do) but they know who the Yankees are. Simple."

Hmmm .... so following your line of argument, FREE and Gnomes should have not been reported here in UT at all. Both are not in the top 50 NW charts, hence, not in the 'major league'. FREE may have the war wins, but they are still not the top kingdom with the most war win. They may have been good in the past rounds, but what significant achievement did FREE have this round that warrants being reported in UT when the kingdom with the most war wins was hardly even mentioned?
Posts: 59
(08-Sep-2004 02:24 am)
You know why they are being reported? It is beacuse some of the UT reporters have vested interest in these kingdoms. They want to promote them and make them well-known to everyone. Maybe because these reporters have either provinces there or have friends playing in those kingdoms, or one of those kingdoms is the flagship kingdom of their alliance. Heck, if Force, Smurfs, Playboys, Famous, and other big kingdoms now end up with only 1 million in the middle of the round next age, they will still be reported here in UT.
Posts: 60
(08-Sep-2004 02:27 am)
My point is that, UT reporters are so selective and bias. If they want to report only events or happenings among the top 50 kingdoms, then why was the Tivoli war not here or even the war of the kingdom with the most war wins in BF? Care to explain oh all high and mighty jenna7, shawnrox and TasukeSama. You seem to know more about these things than other people here that you may want to share your precious knowledge to simple peasants like me. sarcasm*
Kaer Pike
Posts: 46
(08-Sep-2004 02:35 am)
Da Joker

Smurfs are Soooooo overrated....
Gj force on taking those acres back

Im not in smurfs, but i know them, and this comment couldnt be said by no other than a noob :)
Posts: 61
(08-Sep-2004 02:36 am)
TasukeSama: " .. there is a reason why nobody is taking them seriously.. its because they're not up to standard.."

Hmmmm ... are you sure you want to pursue this line of argument? WoL kingdoms not up to standard you say? Well, well, well, who among the kingdoms in BF is the most dominant in the NW charts right now? (let see if you are doing your homework) Did that kingdom came from WoL or not?
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