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Play On Each Server?
Posted by UnderCover, 5966 days and 37 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Today in the Utopia Bugs & Suggestions forum, Mehul divulged the possibility of Swirve legalizing 'server-multis', and asked for the opinion of the playing public. If Swirve decides to make the change at some stage in the future, players would be allowed to keep a province on both the WoL and BF servers, without risk of deletion.

As a side-effect of the change, kingdoms would no longer be transferred between servers, meaning each server would become the permanent home for their respective kingdoms regardless of size or strength. Battlefields would also be opened up for new players wishing to join an established kingdom.

Public opinion so far seems to indicate approval of the idea, but is far from unanimous. We will have to wait and see whether or not Swirve goes ahead with the plan.

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 7
(20-Jun-2004 05:41 pm)
Definetly bad ideea ! The activity will drop considerably on both servers and kingdoms will suffer enourmosly !
Cheaters whould love it...but not us !
For testing ...their is always the genesis server ! Their will be no competition anymore...i whould quit utopia ! It will all became messy !
Think only at direct consequinces !
Posts: 1
(20-Jun-2004 06:11 pm)
Good idea. Less competitive or not.
Posts: 40
(20-Jun-2004 06:25 pm)
I agree, if your in a KD in the BF.. and you get a few provs deleted, it takes the whole age trying to get KD back up to full size on BF.. On WOL, theres always new provs coming in.. and will fill up both servers nicely. The more players, the better... and hopefully give people less incentive to multi.
Posts: 5
(20-Jun-2004 07:48 pm)
I like bokeps idea. If you had to reach a goal, honor, land or networth before going over to bf it would sort out the horde of noobs that everyone seems to be so afraid of.
Posts: 3
(20-Jun-2004 07:59 pm)
i think its not a good idea. as much as i'd like ot have another account since utopia is so fun..it would make WoL tougher..and maybe even make BF more noobish.

like in BF, eventually, the really good guys would gather together into one super kingdom in WoL and totally dominate, not allowing the newer players to get better. these newer players would get destroyed even while playing in the "easier" server.
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