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Play On Each Server?
Posted by UnderCover, 5966 days and 43 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Today in the Utopia Bugs & Suggestions forum, Mehul divulged the possibility of Swirve legalizing 'server-multis', and asked for the opinion of the playing public. If Swirve decides to make the change at some stage in the future, players would be allowed to keep a province on both the WoL and BF servers, without risk of deletion.

As a side-effect of the change, kingdoms would no longer be transferred between servers, meaning each server would become the permanent home for their respective kingdoms regardless of size or strength. Battlefields would also be opened up for new players wishing to join an established kingdom.

Public opinion so far seems to indicate approval of the idea, but is far from unanimous. We will have to wait and see whether or not Swirve goes ahead with the plan.

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Readers' Comments

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Wiley DAAwg
(Posted as Wiley Dawg)
Posts: 1
(23-Jun-2004 03:57 am)
I like the idea. I have friends on both servers, and would like to play in their kingdoms. But Alas, I cannot now.

LETS DO IT !!! :)
Indigo Sky
Posts: 11
(23-Jun-2004 03:57 am)
Nothing stops noobs from joining BF now so that is a dumb arguement.
(Posted as saura)
Posts: 1
(23-Jun-2004 04:37 am)
Bad idea... What would Mehul do with all the time he would normally spend deleting multi's? Besides this is a WAR GAME... there needs to be some kind of challenge and the differences between WoL and BF make that possible.

And it would not be fair to allow people to join which ever KD they want, then all the best players would be in the same KD and new comers would never have a chance!
Posts: 1
(23-Jun-2004 05:12 am)
if they had so much resources to spare, id like to see this implemented instead:

at every hour change, all kds from both BF and WoL are put in one list and then the top 50% of that list will go to BF the next hour and the bottom half goes to WoL.

as for the criterion, maybe wins, NW, Land, honor or whatever. im sure they can decide on that.

that way, all the SKs will surely be in BF and all the not-so-SKs will surely be in WoL.

As for relations under this setup, hostile and peace will be canceled if the other kd is in the other server and kd numbers will be shuffled every hour.
Posts: 2
(23-Jun-2004 05:12 am)
those in war will be exempt from the segregation so that wars on kd on the boarders wont be abruptly stopped.

might also lessen the big boys from farming since their farms will most likely be on WoL kds, since farms dont usually last long in BF-quality kds.

whether multiple accounts are "fair" under this setup will probably have some new arguments than those given in this thread.

as for the login page, maybe they can just use one and direct you to the appropriate server automatically.

just sorting the kds and updating the papers with the correct kd numbers should eat up their excess resources if thats what they need to utilize. =P

might make a much more dynamic and interesting environment if you ask me.
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