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Play On Each Server?
Posted by UnderCover, 5941 days, 19 hours and 42 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Today in the Utopia Bugs & Suggestions forum, Mehul divulged the possibility of Swirve legalizing 'server-multis', and asked for the opinion of the playing public. If Swirve decides to make the change at some stage in the future, players would be allowed to keep a province on both the WoL and BF servers, without risk of deletion.

As a side-effect of the change, kingdoms would no longer be transferred between servers, meaning each server would become the permanent home for their respective kingdoms regardless of size or strength. Battlefields would also be opened up for new players wishing to join an established kingdom.

Public opinion so far seems to indicate approval of the idea, but is far from unanimous. We will have to wait and see whether or not Swirve goes ahead with the plan.

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Readers' Comments

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xu shu
Posts: 1
(22-Jun-2004 10:22 pm)
Im not voteing!!! untill you send me back to my kingdom!!!! you didnt send me no activation code and after asking for it 3 time you send it to me witch made me go to a different kingdom I dont think that was fair... If its possible to send me back please do it then ill vote:)
5h4d0w M45t3r
Posts: 6
(22-Jun-2004 11:00 pm)
i think thats a terrible idea, whats the point, the whole point of two servers is that more advanced players can go play on BF while not having to deal with new players who go to WoL, bad idea...
Posts: 11
(23-Jun-2004 12:29 am)
That would end up making both servers identical, they should turn one of the servers into a server when you can choose your own kingdom, and build one with your friends
Utopian Devil
Posts: 452
(23-Jun-2004 01:25 am)
I don't see why they can't allow accounts on both server and still transfer good kingdoms to BF and n00b kingdoms to WoL..
Posts: 24
(23-Jun-2004 02:25 am)
this is a good thing.you all know that most bf players have a "multi" wol account anyway. i have noticed over the last 2 years more & more noobies in bf anyway. i liked the idea someone posted of kingdoms that do very well to be sent to a new server. that would be great! if anything we should try to get mehul to stop making changes to the game every new age. he doesnt do that to Earth. (so, ive been told). this idea has its good and bad points, but at least it shows us he's trying to find a happy medium for the on going problem of multi's. i dont see it as such if you have an account on both, doesnt help you any unless you get switched over and then youd have to be a big fool to keep both.
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