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Play On Each Server?
Posted by UnderCover, 5966 days, 1 hour and 16 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
Today in the Utopia Bugs & Suggestions forum, Mehul divulged the possibility of Swirve legalizing 'server-multis', and asked for the opinion of the playing public. If Swirve decides to make the change at some stage in the future, players would be allowed to keep a province on both the WoL and BF servers, without risk of deletion.

As a side-effect of the change, kingdoms would no longer be transferred between servers, meaning each server would become the permanent home for their respective kingdoms regardless of size or strength. Battlefields would also be opened up for new players wishing to join an established kingdom.

Public opinion so far seems to indicate approval of the idea, but is far from unanimous. We will have to wait and see whether or not Swirve goes ahead with the plan.

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 3
(20-Jun-2004 11:25 pm)
Anyone who is in a decent kingdom knows how I feel. I don't want all these damn noobs filling up the BF server an wrecking the competitive atmosphere that goes on.

Also kingdoms will get less activity from players because of the 2 accounts to handle. Who wants to handle 2 accounts anways...too much work
Posts: 31
(20-Jun-2004 11:56 pm)
Instead of this, Mehul should make it so that kd's that get transferred to Bf from Wol and vice versa (If any)wont end up in the same kd, that will give them another thing to attend to, not only do they have to do the best they can, cause the difference is there, but they also have to learn to do it with a completely new team..
This is why I like Gen so much, because you can make the big alliances an all..

But still a BAD idea to allow an acc on both servers..
(Posted as goalberg)
Posts: 3
(21-Jun-2004 12:34 am)
don't like it at all... right now my gen account is barely active (that may also have something to do with the kd i'm in) but the division is nice... although the bf server isn't as "elite" as people who play it think, yes i have played both, same kd got to 8 mil on bf and 5 mil on WoL (but we got decimated by inactives) but its a lot better the divisions between the 2. Genisis would just die out or the 2 servers would end up the same. If it's about empty spot just get rid of a couple islands and use the genisis no island attack time thing...
Posts: 38
(21-Jun-2004 12:44 am)
Bad idea.....

BF would remain competitive for experienced players and kingdoms while WoL would begin to turn the opposite as new super kingdoms would emerge especially through the BF's top alliances. Then the new super kingdoms that would emerge on WoL would be so dominate, i.e. an alliance would gather thier best players into a single kingdom, that it would force newer players onto the BF server and lower the competiveness thier as well. After a small amount of time both servers competitveness would be severely damaged.
Posts: 1
(21-Jun-2004 01:15 am)
Allowing 2 accounts is too time consuming. The system is already screwed up enough as is.

At the end an age, KD's shouldnt have an option to switch into a new server. All of the top NW and Honor KDs in WoL should be automatically moved into BF for the next age. KDs that do bad on the BF server should then automatically be moved to WoL. The number of BF KDs should be capped (if it isnt already). And the best from WoL should swap into there each round.
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