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Projected Changes
Posted by UnderCover, 5833 days, 1 hour and 38 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
As noted earlier, this age will consist of mostly minor changes. Here are some projected changes:

* Implementation of the Genesis variable draft (with changes to Generals and Patriotism)
* Lower cost increases for elites as provinces grow
* Minor happiness adjustments
* Strengthening of humans, shephards, and sages
* Improvement in the Building Investment feature
* Slower early-age exploring
* We might change hostile declarations to only allow a kingdom to declare one at a time, but lower the minimum time requirement to about 12 hours.

Mehul (Original Post)

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 5
(17-Jun-2004 05:54 pm)
If you knew how to grow, and didn't grow too fast then you wouldn't need more money.
Posts: 3
(17-Jun-2004 06:14 pm)
K, Here it is.

The slow exploring at the biggining is not going to help anyone. It will make the game a little more boring.

I think that human do need to be strengthend. It is a good idea, because you have to run a 75% draft rate to be a good attacker as human.

The elite thing should stay the same, it is a very good touch to the game if people know how to play them well.

We do not need 500k GC at the beggining, just need as much as it used to be. Agreed with c152wo on that one.

All in all, some changes are good, some are bad. The human thing and the exploring thing are the main ones.
Posts: 35
(17-Jun-2004 06:33 pm)
Hmm... the changes are boring. I'd like to see some spectacular changes for this age!

Like this:

Posts: 37
(17-Jun-2004 06:36 pm)
What ever happened about that? Ages ago, there was a rumor that there was going to be a new race, but there never was.
Posts: 6
(17-Jun-2004 06:42 pm)
No matter what the changes are, we all have the same oppurtunities, if you don't like a race, don't choose it, if you don't like a personality, don't choose it, and if you don't like the game, don't play it.
Otherwise, I'm happy exploring is going to be nerfed at beginning of age, too many people growing to quickly, especially all the farms and the new players who might as well be farms.
Glad to see the draft will be changed, and definately glad that pat and generals are going to be nerfed with regards to this.
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