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Projected Changes
Posted by UnderCover, 5833 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
As noted earlier, this age will consist of mostly minor changes. Here are some projected changes:

* Implementation of the Genesis variable draft (with changes to Generals and Patriotism)
* Lower cost increases for elites as provinces grow
* Minor happiness adjustments
* Strengthening of humans, shephards, and sages
* Improvement in the Building Investment feature
* Slower early-age exploring
* We might change hostile declarations to only allow a kingdom to declare one at a time, but lower the minimum time requirement to about 12 hours.

Mehul (Original Post)

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Readers' Comments

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BangGang IHJ
(Posted as BangGang)
Posts: 10
(18-Jun-2004 09:53 am)
Mehul spelt Shepherd wrong... hehehe...
but i like the changes... its cool
(Posted as zextydark)
Posts: 33
(18-Jun-2004 10:13 am)
Dave1 what the hell are you talking about. You're accusing Mehul of making changes that limit how we play, but you say you liked when elites were more powerful and a 100% elite army was by far better than a spec army. However, when it was like that, everyone had to run a 100% elite army to be a good attacker. Talk about limiting how we play.... at least now with elites you have options on how to run your province, and there are more viable ones.
Posts: 2
(18-Jun-2004 10:28 am)
The changes aren't bad at all.
What i don't like?
Many of u say this: halfers and elves elites suck so don't use them. Agree, but then u have another problem, and i think this was all t/m's problem: your peons will always be disgruntled because u are too defensive:((

Mehul, wake'up, any t/m is deffensive!!U can't expect a t/m to attack, so why the peons are complaining? Agree, u can't pump up only deffence and grow, that's booring. But the t/m's need some protection. And i can't be excited only with ops because my kingdom can't be always in hostile/war.

The best ideea to solve this problem is, in my opinion, to make elites stronger in deff and weaker on off.
Posts: 6
(18-Jun-2004 10:47 am)
Hmmmmm, I always play t/m but I dont agree at all.

T/m's need disadvantages, why should they (we) be immune to land grabs ???

I don't know a single orc that can defend himself against my Land lusts and wizz kills, so I say we're even.

AND all changes are always good, I hate when a super strat work from one age to another.
To me, mr Mehul can make as many changes as possible, and he don't even have to inform me what they are.

Imagine an age where you dont know every single % chance of everything...cooool.
Posts: 2
(18-Jun-2004 11:35 am)
<i agree with Gocki, change sort of evens the playing field>

Played Undead this age, seems fairly solid although the elites lost some def power...Avians seemed pretty good especially Avian/warriors - dang near impossible to break any my size. It would be cool to see another race and personality type (centaurs/horsehuman!, Pegasus for elites/flying horses).

only complaint is the BI...been putting in 25K and the BI% did not increase over 21%, then started putting in less and the BI% decreased fast(?) Investments should not lose money, just not gain more than u put in...after running it the whole age it was a waste of money! Never seemed to boost up anything, even at its highest level. Either make it more efficient or trash it.
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