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Genesis #5 is up!
Posted by Brother Green, 6181 days, 19 hours and 42 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
The new round of the Utopian Genesis has been placed online. The game will officially begin Tuesday, May 18th. Before creating an account, be sure to check the Genesis changes.

A compatible version of Utopia Angel for the new Genesis server will be released before protection ends.

  • Genesis #5 Changes
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    Readers' Comments

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    Posts: 6
    (16-May-2004 05:09 am)
    - 10% Lower Income for all players
    - 15% Higher gains from battle for all players
    - Low happiness provides an offensive military bonus
    - Honor has a +3% per level effect on Attach Strength, Magic, and Thievery
    - The aggressiveness of your Draft is now controllable at different costs

    Those are some interesting changes... looks like attackers are going to rule this age.
    Posts: 24
    (16-May-2004 05:20 am)
    good luck all
    Shadow Storm
    Posts: 42
    (16-May-2004 05:29 am)
    Hey Sabron.
    Yeah, this is gonna be interesting.. :)
    Goodluck everyone.
    (Posted as Attila TDC)
    Posts: 46
    (16-May-2004 05:41 am)
    woot lol
    Pit Bull
    (Posted as PitBullz)
    Posts: 3
    (16-May-2004 05:49 am)
    Think I ll play this round. Good Luck all!!
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