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Genesis: Reloaded
Posted by UnderCover, 5833 days, 2 hours and 39 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Announcements
The current round of Genesis is expected to end this Friday, February 13th. The following changes are planned (some of these could change over the next few days):

* Military system will be redone; The 4 units will be as follows (names will vary by race):

(Name, Strength, Approx Cost, Maintenance)
Soldier: 1/1, $75, $1gc / 4 troops
Archer: 3/2, $250, $1gc troops
Knight: 4/5, $600, $2gc / troop
Elite: */*, $1200, $4gc / troop

* Elites values will vary by race. These numbers are just estimates and can certainly be adjusted. The idea is to create a definite cost vs. space trade-off in the military units, while trying something new in eliminating the pure offense/defense units.

* Gains from attacks will likely be impacted a little by the overall relative sizes of the two kingdoms involved. Attacking a big province in a big kingdom will provide higher gains than attacking a big province in a small kingdom.

* Ambush will be improved; Fog might negate War Spoils as well.

* We're going to look at the idea of "building investments" as an option to increase the efficiency of land for a cost. More details will be posted when available.

These are the major changes we're looking at. We'll also likely add things like a spell or operation targeting prisoners and other similar changes - those will also be posted when determined.

Mehul (Original Post)

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Readers' Comments

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Posts: 94
(09-Feb-2004 03:37 pm)
this is a big gain for ORCs, because now they have the 5 defense spec, and still have the good elite
Posts: 1
(09-Feb-2004 04:06 pm)
yeh orc will be better wuth the def well its a good idea though, i like it.
Posts: 2
(09-Feb-2004 04:16 pm)
You don't know whether orc will keep their nice leet ;)

And some of you complained about the high DPA you'll get, well. People will get a similary high OPA, will probably balance things out.. Good with some new specs. Nice job Mehul!
Posts: 16
(09-Feb-2004 04:51 pm)
That looks interesting, makes a lot more sence too. I might actualy play genisis this age. I like it Mehul! Impose these in the next age on BF!!!
Posts: 1
(09-Feb-2004 05:30 pm)
i have to take a dukie, but as for the changes, they will take some getting used too.
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