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Swirve Blog: The Winners of Utopian Crowns
Posted by Utopia Temple, 320 days, 16 hours and 30 minutes ago
Category: Swirve Related

No, this is not a new series of The Crown and this is not Netflix and chill! This is utopia and this is the business end of our game. Age 84 of Utopia has come to an end and we have networth, land, honour and war win crowns to be handed out.

The networth and land crowns go to *drum roll please*………………..GIRAFFES!!!

I got to spend some time with Fate and Topsy to discuss their age.

Q. Obviously a great age for the kingdom, what would you attribute that to?

Utopia is a team game, and everything gets easier when there is minimal drama and high engagement amongst core and leadership. With how the age played out, we spent a lot of time sitting and waiting, but everyone was able to show up pretty much on a dime when necessary. We were also lucky to have many leaders capable of taking waves throughout the age, allowing for minimal burnout.

Q. Were there any moments in the age that you felt were turning points?

We only had two real engagements over the course of the age, first with Ascension and later with Ronin. Being able to snowball gc and wizzies from each of those conflicts let us grind out land as the server grew.

Q. Anything about the age in general that you felt were able to push you towards the outcome of winning both crowns?

In the previous two ages, the land/nw crown was won from a kd laddering together science and honor via war wins and then exploring to war the kd in #1. In those ages, the kingdom that explored had a unit disadvantage, but still won the conflict fairly handedly. Each time, despite the kd who was in the lead losing, we thought we’d have preferred being the initially larger kd, so going into this age decided to play for oow advantages where possible. We ended up having a few lucky breaks with many top kingdoms sorting to the top 10 very early in the age, leading to fairly extended wars, but choosing to focus on oow growth definitely put more initiative on our end.

Q. Anyone you would like to give a shoutout for?

Our entire roster was exceptional this age and deserves a ton of credit. In particular, we would like to thank Ning for helping secure theme crown. Francis, Dorje, Silent_Killer, and Memster for taking on waves at various points. Citadela for helping out with tm waves. Chigga, Marek, and Weed for sitting so much. Wulfin and Swoop for enduring #roguesquad. Yume for always keeping her phone charger on hand. Octo and Hengz for bringing the proper winning culture. Deana, Feyr, Cop and Jonc for keeping #tm the most hoppin club on discord. Joro for being #bestcore and Mod for #bestbod. JuiceBox for enduring the sins of other whores. Lewpac for keeping our edge. Burner for when Lewpac had too much edge. And Nick_Mi.

Q. Do you have anything you wish to add that may not have been covered in the questions or just anything else in general?

We like to complain about changes pretty regularly, but we’d like to give a shout out to Hex and others who contributed to last age’s changes. With so much time oow, we got to watch a lot of wars and nearly every war was between kds that had a fairly different take going into the age on what the best core was, what the best tms were, and what kind of distribution of tms would be best. With a few exceptions, almost every kd that went into the age aiming to get a lot of wars was able to get to 6+ by eoa, which was nice to see.

The honour crown goes to *drum roll please*………………..Hipmunks!!!

I took some time to speak to Hipmunks and to ask them about their age. Thank you, Hippies, for getting back to me!

Q. Obviously a great age for the kingdom, what would you attribute that to?

Our players played well and were proactive about stuff. Knew when and how to act. After a long period where we lacked true leadership and basically played hot potato with who’s leading, we finally had leaders up for taking control. Combined with a good setup the age went well for us.

Q. Were there any stages in the age that you felt were turning points?

Might seem weird but actually, the loss against Merciless was the turning point. We couldn’t find a war for a long time and we didn’t engage them because they were tagged as resting and we respected that. We had nothing else to do so we prepared to wave somebody else and razed out a bunch of homes we had. Right after that Merciless waved us. Probably unknown to them they pushed us into desertions on their wave and we just couldn’t recover from that. But after that war we got to pump up our numbers. Mostly WPA on Heretics and Mystics which could start farming honor hard after that war.

Q. Anything about the age in general where you felt the kingdom was able to push towards the final outcome of winning the honour crown?

Our setup was made to crush T/Ms in enemy kingdoms. Wasn’t our intention to go for honor crown but we knew we would soak it in. A wall of heretics that can farm honor from attackers, three mystics to go high with honor and Orc/Warriors to bash down T/Ms and take their honor. Our setup and playstyle was the way to winning it.

Q. Anyone you would like to give a shoutout for?

Of course, I want to give a shout-out to! To Taco! #tacoleaveswincrown

And of course, my whole team as I wasn’t the person in charge this age. Others carried us to victory! Most notably Starsfan/Peetah/Dax/Vengeance

Q. Do you have anything you wish to add that may not have been covered in the questions or just anything else in general?

Not much. Just that more kingdoms should dare to fight anybody. Don’t be afraid to war somebody good. Don’t be afraid of a challenge. Not saying it’s Hipmunks. Take others as an example - Giraffes or Ronins/Merciless. War them!  War them and learn a thing or two!

That’s why I want to salute Smiles and his team! Those guys really did play the hell out of last age

I want to thank everyone in my kingdom for a great age and to say I love them all! :)

The war win crowns goes to *drum roll please*………………..Ghetto Nightmare!!!

Congrats Wolfgang for the kingdom winning the war crown.

Q. Are there any aspects of the age you can attribute the success of the age to?

Teamwork Teamwork Teamwork!! Quality over Quantity!!

Q. What did you feel went particularly well?

We started the age down a few provinces. We didn’t add up to 25 until about the 4th war. We merged with another KD this age. We picked up some very knowledgeable, very active players. This combined with our attack coordinators made for a fierce combination. There was lots of lost sleep

Q. What do you feel were consistent themes of the age that attributed to the kingdoms success this age?

Our goal this age was to see how we all meshed and to be happy with the result. Next age we will push harder.

Q. Would you like to provide a statement from yourself or just anything you want to shout out? single anyone out?

Lei for never sleeping, Feint for stepping up when he did, and Mr. Dan for the merger. Also, our entire team for their dedication, activity, and continued trust in our LS

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