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Swirve Blog: A new Utopia blogger: Mad_Scottish is back, run for your lives!!
Posted by Utopia Temple, 326 days and 20 hours ago
Category: Swirve Related

Quick snippet from Maddy himself:

I wanted to get back involved on this side of things after I saw the post about Utopia wanting a blogger. It felt like a natural fit after the years spent working with Alliance Rankings and the work, I had put into Utopia News in the forums.

The community is the true backbone of the game and for a lot of us, it has given us a lot of friends or it has been an outlet for people or is just a place they can bury themselves into.
Blogs, news, articles, interviews etc, whatever you want to call it play a part in this. A lot of people have missed the news we used to have going and hopefully this is something that can be shared and help bring people into the game or just increase enjoyment of it.

To our community, if you want to see something or you have ideas on something good that we may not have considered please let me/us know!

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