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Archfiend Interviewing Sudden Death
I had a chance to interview General Sudden Death. He's never made the top 100 list in 8 ages of play but nobody in the game has been in more fights, brawls, and controversial situations. We discussed his 7 ages + of Utopia experience, his recent departure from the Danish Brotherhood, and SD also revealed the famous player he believes to be behind SNAP.

First off, name, age, and location...
Real name?

That's up to you....
Dave, 19, St. Louis

Ain't usin' my last name..... heheh

Hehehe.. then I suppose the address and phone number question is out?
LOL... to most yup.

Okies... how did you start playing Utopia...
Some guy I talked to all the time from a chatroom I used to go to asked me to try out this game when it was in Long Beta test. I've been playin' it ever since.

Your original name was Militant Orgy wasn't it? How did you choose that name?
Yup. I have no clue how that name came about. All I remember was that around that time I was talkin to someone and he mentioned orgy, and then I was like HMMM, and next thing I know, I named my 2nd province Militant Orgy in the Long Beta.

Give us a little synopsis of the major happenings of each round for you.
Long Beta: I made quite a few accounts to test out the race and see which one was more fun. With my very first province I attacked my kingdom constantly and almost was destroyed til they told me I was supposed to work with the kingdom.. Militant Orgy, my 2nd account, was posted in the forums saying that I was a gangbanging @ss and I had to clear my name somehow.

Final Beta: Became regent of the kingdom, with Mad John Finn's Wife in that kingdom (she was in the same kingdom I was in during Long beta as well). Tested the stupidity of a dragon.

I think I land grabbed your kingdom that beta.. heheh =)
Age 1: Oh how fun that age was....The great war against Feuer. I was bored, and attacked Anti's province and a friend or 2 started posting his stats in the forums. Hehe. He made me #1 on the Feuer alliance enemies list... Then I backed off, only to attack again and with a bunch of other people attacking Anti's province. That pretty much lead to the downfall of Feuer. I recreated and landed on Newbie Hell when it was created... isle 14, and me and Anti had a duel.. Unfortunately, he used theives and beat me that way... Then we ended the duel, and I went on to try to endure the hell that is isle 14.. I was the 2nd powerful province on that kingdom, next to a guy that was 150K NW when I created. I hit about 100K NW before overnight I got hit about 5 times and I got frustrated... Then I ended up deleteing that account cuz I suffered 10 more attacks that day.

Age 2: I became the regent of a newbie kigndom. Joined MAGMA for a little bit... then left it... Anti defected from his kingdom, which was a MAGMA kingdom also, and landed in mine.. That age was HELL because he was in my kingdom. hehe

When you and Anti were on the same kingdom, weren't some chat logs from the forums put on the Utopian forums about you guys fighting?
We never had ICQ chats, but I did have some posts saved from the kingdom forums proving how much of an @ss he is.

Oh, what did he say in those chats?
Just b*tching about how we were never at war, and how much the kingdom sucked, and calling other people in the kingdom idiots.. so on and so on....

Did you guys make it through a whole round together?
All of age 2....he deleted 3rd age cuz he didnt want to be Faery again like he selected.

So he made it through the whole age? Was he top 100? I didn't know he even played a whole age past the betas..
Hell no.... he hit 500K NW.. and that was it.

Age 3: I Stayed with the same kingdom. I attacked the leader of an alliance for over 100 acres in the first week because he was picking on a newbie.. He had me pummeled big time.. and I ended up dying in the ensuing wars that came from that gangbang....Then, I joined Ghetto Nightmare for the rest of that age...

Age 4, I ran for Vice Regent, lost.. and I was having one hell of a time trying to grow... I ended up deleting because I had 3 wins and 20 losses after the first 2 weeks. So I just wandered around the world til I landed in a kingdom and stayed there and took the role of Vice Regent.

Age 5.... I gained regency... and had a battle with AV... my kingdom wanted to go to war, and we picked Kadagar's kingdom, not knowing it was his kingdom. We did a united strike against both linked wings provinces in that kingdom, and Kadagar ordered my death By AV.. a lot of support came to help bring them down, but very few participated in actual attacks on them... I died and just ended up as a wanderer again.

Age 6... Landed on a kingdom with a regency dispute... their were 2 regency overthrows, then I took over it... Kingdom SUCKED. 40th on island at the end of the age, but I survived it nothing major really happened.

Didn't you break a million NW for the first time that age?
Yup. 1.3Mil at the end of age 6

Age 7.. so far, we've come close to having a nice show down with Seals of Solomon, but that was it... so far.. heheh

I know you were off to a nice start age 7 because you weren't far behind me when I was top 100... (** Editor's Note: I deleted my province after about a week at #82 in the world. My playing for a week was just a way to promote the webzine **)
Yup. Right now I'm struggling because the kingdom won't grow much besides a few provinces really... so I end up being pulled down with everyone else... but I just broke 300K, and now, an alliance is threatning a big war with us, but so far, I haven't seen a single member above 150K NW.

Yow... Didn't you start the Danish Brotherhood too?
Nope... I was there when it began, but I didnt start it. That was Scarloc, The Talking Goat, and Jack be Nimble (now RedRum Jack)

So you've been a member since it started pretty much? How long ago was that?
We are about to have the 1 year aniversary, but I left them bout a week or so ago for a couple of reason.

Oh? Why is that?
Well, it started becoming something I hate, a group of followers.. everyone wanted to join, and people were letting them.. it grew way too fast, and I hardly knew any of the new people, so I gave up...

Hehehe.. so it was getting too successful and popular?

And more people started getting sick of em... and some that were mods were abusing it and I got sick of being associated with em.

How were the mods abusing their powers?
Just deleteing posts that didn't agree with their thoughts, or ones that exposed certain people as multis/cheaters, which I despise.. I didnt use locations or swears either.. which pissed me off more.

Do you know who was doing that?
No, but I had a feeling who it was....

How long were you a mod?
Oh, for a bit more than a year before I lost the tag.

How did you lose the tag?
I was swearing with the mod tag on one night and Mehul frowned on that....

Did he just pull the tag or did he write you letting you know?
He just pulled it and finally he told me why after a few friends of mine started to spam demanding I get my tag back..... lol.

When did you start the No Limit Forums?
The beginning of February last year...

So they are over a year old right now as well and probably the most popular non-Utopian Forum site?
Pretty much....yup

So you've been playing a long time.. do you see yourself playing Utopia indefinitely, 1 more round, or what?
I dont know... I'm sure I'll be around for the 8th age, but after that, it depends on how my life goes... and if Mehul will actually fix the game so people dont just randomly declare war on someone 75% of their NW all the time....

What would you rather see instead?
The way things were in age 1, 2, and 3.

So you prefer random land grabs to random wars?
Yeah.. cuz random grabs are less devastating, and the random grabs can lead to MEANiNGFUL WARS... which made the first ages of Utopia fun..

So would you say the early ages of Utopia were more fun than the later ages?
Yup.. they were way more fun.

You have had a long running battle with Snap if I remember correctly as well, right?
Yeah...The resident Utopian idiot, that just wont go away it seems...

Tell people unfamiliar with Snap a little about him/them.
SNAPMASTER WAS A VERY ANNOYING PERSON WHO TYPED IN ALL CAPS and named his provinces (sometimes he had as much as 300 accounts created) SNAP HATES JEWS, SNAP SUX CUM and stuff like that.. He first was around in the betas, being one of the most deadly group of idiots ever in utopia.

You among others did quite a bit of fighting with SNAP right...
Yup.. he singled me out one day in the forums.. which made me beleive that Anti was one of the SNAPMASTERS...

Ah.. tell us why you think Anti is the SNAPMASTER or one of them...
Anti was one of my enemies, and SNAPMASTER seemed intent on my destruction, as Anti has.

Wasn't the Snapmaster once banned from the Utopian Forums? Didn't Mehul reveal where he was located or something similar?
I heard that Mehul was banning SNAPMASTER and was trying to track down and get him with anything that he can in the court of Law, and at the same time, Anti said he was banned from Utopia, and also heard that SNAPMASTER was traced to University of Illinois, which was where Anti went to college. not sure if this is true, just something I heard.

I seem to remember Anti complaining that all of the University of Illinois was off of one connection and that when the SNAPMASTER's IP was banned Anti was saying he was cut off as well.
Yeah.. thats what I was hearing.

Haven't you posted under some other names in the Utopian forums?
Yeah, Militant Orgy, Fireball King (when moding) oRK, 6th Horseman, and Mod #666.

Heheh... why oRK.. I remember those goofy roleplaying diologues.. hehe.
It was just cuz I was bored, and I loved playing orcs, so I decided that it would be fun to drive peeps nuts by posting as oRK and talking like this "oRK hate tupid wittle faree. ork want faree wingz ta eat. *MUNCH MUNCH* ORK ORK ORK!"

lolololol Oh, and didn't you have some psycho harass you into changing ICQ numbers in age 6?
Yeah.. A_U Spazmer.... he posed as a long lost ally, and when I told him to f*ck off after he revealed his true identity, he decided to mess with my ICQ.

What did he do?
He made it so I cannot connect to that number anymore. :/

That sux...
Yeah.. it doesn't bother me though.. at least I cleaned out some of the idiots.

Well, anything else you'd like to bring up? Anything you'd like to promote? Any shout outs you'd like to make?
Yup. I'd like to promote the idea that ALLIANCES SUCK and they should be removed from Utopia unless they clean up their dirty tactics and foul behavior.

Hahah.. yah.. good luck with that...
Oh I'm trying.. I'm trying

Lol.... Ok... thank you for your time...

- Archfiend (01-Mar-2000) - http://www.brassknuckles.net

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(19-Dec-2002 09:10 pm)
I used to be a General and I'm from St. Louis. that's wierd. Have you ever heard of General Coolness. Last time he was around was in age 6. Wierd guy.

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