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Archfiend Interviewing Nybbe
Name, Age, and Location.
Mikael, 25 years old, Gothenburg, Sweden.

How long have you been playing Utopia?
I started playing in the middle of round 2.

So Age 3 was your first full age?
Yeah, wasn't much left of round 2 when I started.

How did you hear about Utopia?
Actually It was my girlfriends brother who started me playing in school. It's very popular for people here in Sweden to play during the lunchbreaks. Anyway he wanted me to try too so he started up a province for me.

Starting at the end of a round is usually a pretty brutal way to start the game. Did you get beaten down pretty bad?
Hehe yeah you can say that. I had no idea how to play the game, so I figured that a lot of land was good. By the time I got out of protection I had close to 400 acres. Guess if I was surprised when got attacked 7 or 8 times : )

Heheheh.. but did you go to the forums and complain about newbie bashing? =)
Nah, I didn't know about the forums then. I put up all of the attackers names and location on a list, thinking I would get back at them later. Even though most of them were three times bigger than me.

Lol, that's almost as good =) So how did you do in your first full round, round 3?
Surprisingly it went very well. I managed to get a good start and stayed in the top 40 all round. I think I finished at no 30.

In the world? How did you go from struggling newbie to top 100 in 1 round?
You tell me. : ) I think it was a combination of hard work and a huge amount of luck. I'm also a very fast learner. I spent alot of time reading the forums between the two rounds and in the beginning of the 3rd.

For people unfamiliar with your accomplishments, give us a quick summary of each round of Utopia that you've played. Province name, rank, etc.
2nd round: As you have heard I got a very brutal start. Managed to get myself together though and ended up with a networth around 300k. Learned a lot during those last weeks of the round.

3rd round: My first full round. Played as an orc. My province name was Orcish Vikings. Ended up on island 1, the newbie island. Got a very good start and managed to convince my new kingdom to vote for me as a regent. Acually this was the time when I first met byakko. He was a newbie on the same island as me.

4th round: Started up a feary province. Managed to pull myself to top 40 before I had to leave for vacation. When I got back mehul had accedently deleted 800 accounts. My account was one of them so I gave up that round.

I remember that. Must of been very disapointing
5th round: Faery again. Province name Nordic Vikings. Played that round as a non regent thinking that it would take less time. Got a very bad start but manged to pull myself up to no 23 in the world at the end.

6th round: Another faery : ). This time I was Enraged Vikings. Still played in the same kingdom. Not a very good kingdom I might add. Anyway I made it up to the top 10 and stayed there for the rest of the round. Finished somewher around 6.6 M nw.

That's not too shabby at all =)
7th round: Traded into Byakkos kingdom. Cadeverous Awakenings. I was an undead, name Raging Viking Spirit. Was a fun round all the way until mehul changed the war rules. Then I had to switch over to random grabs, which reallt, really boring. Made it up to top 10 after a month of play. Stayed there until the end of the round. Finished at no 12 as the higest ranked undead player.

So You have no problem with trading accounts?
Not at all, I have done it once but I would to it again if it is what is takes to play with my friends.

What are your plans for round 8?
Acually I'm quitting.

Oh? Why so?
Well I have just finished my education. I don't have enough time to play utopia anymore when I have to get a real job.

How much time per day did you play Utopia? Including chats, reading forums, etc?
I would estimate maybe 3-4 hours. I have cut down drastically on my icq time. Last round I was invisible to allmost all people on my list except my kingdom.

How many people are on your ICQ list?
Let me see, about 250. I'm not much of a chatter : )

How many times have you gotten hittable targets off of your ICQ list?
Wow that's a hard question. I would say that maybe 15-20% of the ones I have attacked comes from icq. At least the past rounds.

Really? That's a pretty high number...
Well most of them comes from people in my own kingdom. We help each other out.

Now although you are an incredibly accomplished player, you are largely unknown among the Utopian populace, why do you think that is?
Yeah I must be one of the least known top players of all time ; ) I think it has a lot to do with me keeping a very low profile. I'm not on icq that much and I almost never post in the utopian forums where a lot of people have gotten their names recognized.

I know you are quitting but if Mehul said to you "Ok Viking Boy, make any 3 changes to Utopia want. Any at all". What would they be?
Phew that's hard. One change would be to be able to choose the players in your kingdom. People whats to play with their friends.

Two more please =)
Another change would be to get rid of the new war rules. People should be able to declare war on anyone they want. For third, well I think it would be nice to actually be able to kill a province my military force again. So get rid of the current gangbang rule.

Lol... so basically you think people that go through the work of building a massive province should actually be able to kick someone's @ss with it =)
YEAH! lol that's how it is in the real world. : P

It was actually like that in Round 1. The top provinces were actually matches for medium sized kingdoms =)
Yeah so I've heard. : ) Unfortuately the game has been developed in the wrong direction. People don't fear a big province anymore.

Well there are only a few really elite players and there are 57458748574587458745 casual players. They develop things to favor the casual player because of that for good or bad...
True. but elte playes don't care about attacking the casual players anyway. They attack other big players.

What do you think about some of the massive hits that have started happening? Do you think it's fair someone can lose for example 5k acres in a single hit?
No I think the returns should be toned down a little. Now a suicide hit could be devastating. It also helps those who get "free land". It is unfortunte for those who work hard to find their targets my themselves.

Give us a killer Utopia Story =)
Well I don't know if have one. I think getting to the top 30 as a newbie is a story of its own. Something fun about the past round was that I managed to come out of protection with absolutely no defense at all. I had mixed up the specialists of undead. That could have been devastating. Fortunately I got away with only one grab against me : )

With no defense at all? lol
Yeah it took a couple of hours before what I thought would be the offensive units was trained after the protection ended. : P

Anything you want to promote or shout outs you'd like to give?
Well I'd just like to thank all paople who I have been playing with during my utopian rounds. It's been a pleasure. No names mentioned or forgotten : ).

Very Good, Thanks for your time =)
Also good luck to you all for the new round! Thank you : ). It's been an honour.

No.... thank you =) get some sleep =)

- Archfiend (19-May-2000) - http://www.brassknuckles.net

Readers' Comments

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Posts: 12
(18-Oct-2002 08:25 pm)
I love Nybbe!

A great player and friend, one day we are gonna have some more fun together :)
Posts: 19
(12-Mar-2003 05:27 am)
I love Nybbe!

A great player and friend, this day we are gonna have even more fun together :)
Posts: 2
(15-Jun-2003 12:47 pm)
wtf is nybbe?
Utopian Devil
Posts: 398
(06-Sep-2003 04:52 am)
that doesn't matters, you just supose to love him corneto
Utopian Devil
Posts: 399
(06-Sep-2003 04:55 am)
mehul had accedently deleted 800 accounts?

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