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Settings Help
Use the Settings window to change Utopia Angel's behavior, and customize it to your needs. Launch it by right-clicking on the blue crystal-ball icon on your tray, and selecting "Settings". The next sections describe the different parts of the Settings window.

General Tab
You can tell Utopia Angel to automatically launch itself either when Windows starts or when Internet connection is detected. For the later, you will need ICQ NetDetect Agent installed and running (it should automatically run after installing ICQ). If you choose this option, you can also tell Utopia Angel to automatically shut itself down when Internet connection is lost.

Proxy Server
Utopia Angel uses the Internet to automatically update its formulas, notify you about new versions, display remote messages, etc.. Basically, there is no need to fill these fields unless your Internet access is channeled through a Proxy or Firewall server. If you are not sure, you can check out your browser's settings. If you have configured a Proxy server there, you should also do it here. After setting a Proxy server, you should test it by clicking on "Text Proxy". If the test fails, just leave the fields blank.

Internet Explorer Timeout Period
As a service to my users, I have included this "undocumented by Microsoft" feature. You have most likely noticed how the Utopia servers are extremely slow during many periods of the day, due to the high volume of traffic they are receiving. By setting a longer timeout period for your browser, pages will load before timing out. In other words, your browser will wait longer before giving up on loading pages. This will also reduce the servers usage, because people with longer timeout (like you) will no longer refresh broken pages over and over again!

Customization Tab
Pop-up Windows
You can tell the formatter when do you want it to popup specific windows, such as the Clipboard Viewer and the Military Calculator.

Tray Icon
You can select the default action for double-clicking on the blue crystal-ball tray icon. Note that you can always right-click on it to access the Main Menu, which includes access to all options and features.

Clipboard History
A very useful feature in Utopia Angel is the Clipboard History. Here you can set the maximum number of clipboard entries to remember, and the maximum length (in pixels) of the history menu.

Remote Messages
As you know, Utopia Angel has a built-in remote messaging system. Click on the "Reload" button to retrieve and display all still-relevant messages from the server.

Export Line
Here you can set the Export Line buffer size (in bytes). When copying textual information to the Clipboard, that fits into the Export Line buffer, it will be scanned for Export Line information. Setting a too large buffer size may result in slow computer operation while copying large amount of data, including freezes. Setting a too small buffer size may result in ignored Export Line information. In general, increase the buffer size only when dealing with large Export Line information, and restore the old value afterwards.

Archive Tab
Crystal-Ball Archive
You can tell Utopia Angel whether you want it to store Crystal-Ball information in the Archive. You can choose the maximum number of most recent entries to keep, the number of days to keep entries alive, and whether you want to keep only the most updated entry for each province, or store them all. You can also set the minimum number of items per group to show in the Archive Locations Bar.

Units Strength Tab
Units Strength Configuration
This tab contains information about the military units strength for each race. Actually, there is no need to change it, unless you're using an old version which wasn't updated for the current round yet. If you "played" with these numbers and messed them up, you can always click on the "Restore" button to restore the default values for the round.

Personal Links Tab
Personal Links Customization
A cool feature in Utopia Angel, is the ability to add your Personal Links to the built-in links list. Use this tab to add, edit or delete your personal links.