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Crystal-Ball Formatter Help
The Crystal-Ball Formatter is the most basic part in this program. Basically, when the program is running, and the little crystal-ball icon on your system-tray is blue, your Clipboard is being monitored. As soon as Crystal-Ball information is detected inside your Clipboard, it is automatically formatted, and all this is done inside your Clipboard!

What is "Clipboard"? (skip if already familiar with this term)
Windows preserves a certain area of memory (buffer), in which textual and graphical information can be stored and shared between applications. This buffer is called Clipboard. You are most likely already familiar with the Clipboard. For instance, when you select a part of text with your mouse, and press CTRL-C (copy), the selected text is copied to the Clipboard, and can now be shared with other applications, for example, by pressing CTRL-V (paste).

What to copy?
As said, the formatter monitors your Clipboard, and acts immediately as known information is detected. This information can be either unformatted Crystal-Ball (directly from Utopia), or already formatted by other known and supported formatters (like Glorat's). You can format both your own information (main page), and your targets'. The Crystal-Ball report will be slightly different in each case. Other non Crystal-Ball related information is also supported, and described in the relevant parts of the online help.

How to copy?
Although most of the times it is not required, it is always recommended to copy the entire screen. To do it, make sure you're working on the right frame (click with your mouse anywhere on the frame in which the Crystal-Ball menu is located in your browser), and press CTRL-A (select-all). The entire text in the selected frame will be highlighted. At this stage, press CTRL-C to copy this information to your Clipboard. Instantly, the Clipboard Viewer and the Military Calculator windows will popup, both containing the information you just copied (you can change the poping-up windows configuration in the Settings window). At this stage, the little blue crystal-ball icon on your system tray will start to shine, and it will keep shining as long as your Clipboard contains formatted Crystal-Ball reports. While shining, you can move your mouse over the tray icon, and a small window will popup, telling you the formatted province's name and location.

What is the Clipboard Viewer window?
A very useful part of this program is the Clipboard Viewer window. It acts just like a "window" to your Clipboard, which means it displays its content. Bear in mind that everything you see there is ALREADY inside your Clipboard, which means you can just paste it (CTRL-V) wherever you want, without the need to copy it first. Because of this, even non Utopia related information may be shown there, and it's perfectly fine. You can open the Clipboard Viewer window manually from the Main Menu (accessed by right-clicking on the tray icon). Another very useful feature in this program is the Clipboard History, also accessible from the Main Menu.

Networth, Honor and Thieves Estimation
Even though Networth and Honor values are not included in the unformatted Crystal-Ball information, you can include them in the formatted report by first copying the kingdom page. The formatter is smart enough to associate the right values to the right provinces, however it has no way to know the time when the kingdom page was copied, so it is up to you to always copy the most recent kingdom page before formatting the Crystal-Ball. If you are formatting your own province's information, and you select the entire screen before copying, the formatter will read your Networth value from the information menu at the top of the window.

To save CPU power, the Utopia servers do not update the provinces information in the kingdom page regularly, so it is most likely outdated. There are some ways to force the server to update the required province's information in the page though, like sending a message to the province, or casting the Crystal-Ball spell on it. Therefore, for optimal values, this is the order of things you should follow:

1. Cast the Crystal-Ball spell on your target
2. Open or refresh its kingdom page, and copy it
3. Format (copy) Crystal-Ball information

It is recommended to include the kingdom page information with your formatted Crystal-Ball, for two reasons:
1. When Networth value is supplied, an estimated thieves number and science points values are included in the formatted Crystal-Ball report.
2. All the Crystal-Ball reports you format are stored in your Archive. By including the Honor value in the report, you can keep track on the province's playing style and attack history.

500 Acres Land Assumption
In order to prevent from small thief provinces to have an unimaginable thieves ratio (TPA), the ratio calculation is based on a minimum of 500 acres in Utopia. This means that until a province reaches 500 acres of land, its thieves ratio is based on 500 acres. I did not invent this, this is the way Utopia works. Therefore, the formatter will work the same way, while including a notification line in the formatted report.

The Thievery Advisor
At the bottom of the formatted Crystal-Ball report, you will find the Thievery Advisor. It tells you the optimal number of thieves to send to perform each operation, based on the target's information. There is no use to send more thieves than mentioned - you will end up with the same result while loosing more thieves in the process. Note that the advisor does not guarantee a successful operation! This is based on many factors, such as yours and your target's relative size and thieves per acre value. However, if the operation is successful, the result will be as predicted by the Thievery Advisor.

The Export Line
When formatting non-self Crytal-Ball information, an Export Line data is included at the end of the formatted report. Although it looks like gibberish, it is not a bug! This short line is actually a compressed Crystal-Ball data, which contains all the information in the attached report! Its purpose is to let other people in your kingdom to easily use this information with their formatters, when reading it in the kingdom forum, therefore it is very important to keep this line in the report. In order to read an Export Line, just select it with your mouse and copy (CTRL-C). The formatter will automatically recognize it as an Export Line, and popup your Clipboard Viewer with the full formatted report already inside. It will also update the Military Calculator with the new data, and store it in the Archive. As it is not enough already, the Export Line can contain information about more than only one province! Learn how to do it in the Archive online help section.