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Utopia Login Disclaimer
Utopia Login Disclaimer
Utopia Temple provides a direct login form to Utopia. You may use it when:
  • The official login page is blocked by your ISP or network administrator
  • DNS problems prevent you from reaching the official login page
  • Swirve are having technical problems and are unreachable
  • You have set Utopia Temple as your homepage, and it is convenient to use it
  • Any other situation, as long as you read and understand this disclaimer
This form sends your login information directly to the Utopia server, so it is impossible for us or any other person to steal your login information in the process. In other words, it acts exactly as if you were logging in through the official login page in this regard.

Please notice however that Swirve does not endorse such a way to login to the game. Mehul has confirmed that the login form we provide here at Utopia Temple is indeed safe to use, but he can't trust fake login forms on other sites that do steal your login information, so he decided to block all external login options, ours included.

We are currently using a method provided to us by adamstew to make the login still possible. However, it is very easy for Mehul to track it, and if he's in a bad mood he might decide to "punish" the people who use it by suspending or even deleting their province.

Therefore, we still encourage you to use the official login page if possible (link available on the left menu). Use the external login form that we provide here only as last resort, and make sure that you are aware of the risks involved.

Utopia Temple does not claim any responsibility for any damage caused by using this login form!